8 Best Womens Golf Gloves (Both Hands)

Golf is one of the most popular sports, and it is popular among both women and men. There are specific dress codes that every man and woman has to maintain while playing golf. Besides the outfit, every golfer will need a pair of gloves.

Best 8 Ladies Golf Gloves Both Hands

If you wonder why golfers need gloves, the key reason is to get the best grip. So are you looking for the best golf gloves for ladies?

Well, you are at the right place as we will review the top 8 best ladies golf gloves on both hands. Golfing gloves can be classified based on different factors. These are material, size, style, ventilation, etc.

Some of the most common materials are – synthetic, leather, and hybrid. If you ask about which material offers comfort, then the answer is leather. But on the other hand, synthetic gloves provide flexibility.

Many even prefer hybrid as it offers both comfort and flexibility. Read on to know more about the best golf gloves available and which one you will like to buy.

Our Best Pick

Women Soft Leather Gloves Breathable (Best Review)

  • Best looking Golf Glove For Ladies
  • Keep your hands warm during the winter season 
  • fully adjustable with the stripe

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FootJoy Women’s StaCooler Golf Gloves (Best Value)

  • Best review on amazon
  • provide a soft feel
  • breathable design

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Eight best ladies golf gloves both hands reviews

1.Women soft leather gloves are breathable 

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  • Made up of soft leather
  • Very comfortable and breathable
  • Looks very elegant and stylish
  • Perfect for ladies with wide or large palms
  • Absorbs sweat of your palms


  • It cannot be wash in the washing machine because of the leather

The best and most unique part of this pair of gloves is that it has holes for the best breathability while making the leather. The leather used for manufacturing this pair is quite soft and is of excellent quality.

The back of the hand makes up of cotton. It is very comfortable and is quite skin-friendly. The professional ladies golfer will find it unique. It offers a perfect fit for women with long fingers or broad palms.

This pair of gloves has a perfect design that is enough to protect your hand from getting any injury. If you are too picky about the colors, this pair of gloves can be a great choice. It comes in a gorgeous color.

It is a pair of super stylish gloves which is highly beneficial for your game. And it provides excellent grip as well as comfort. In addition, it offers proper ventilation too for enough breathability.

Best suited for:

If your palm size is too large to fit into most of the gloves, then this is the right solution for you. This pair of gloves is best suited for women with large palms as the Glove is quite large. For example, a girl with palms of the width of 3.35 inches and a middle finger length of 3.07 inches can easily use this pair.

Also, you don’t have to squeeze your large palms into smaller gloves that can be uncomfortable. While playing golf, you need to make sure that your palms are perfectly relaxed and in proper condition. After all, the game is all about hand techniques.

More Detail Review Please Visit:

Wosofe Women Soft Leather Gloves

  • Material: The palm is soft leather, and the back of the hand is cotton with holes. Very comfortable and skin-friendly, and also very breathable. It is a pair of professional ladies’ golf gloves.
  • Size: The size of this Glove is X-Large, suitable for women and girls whose hands with a palm width of 8.5 cm (3.35 inches) and a middle finger length of 8 cm (3.15 inches). You can refer to the attached picture to choose the gloves that suit you according to your needs.
  • Design: This Glove is very reasonable in structure. The palm is an ultra-thin soft leather that protects the woman’s hand from injury during exercise. The back of the writing makes of soft cotton, which is breathable and absorbs sweat for a more comfortable fit.
  • Color: This golf club glove is lovely in bloom. The overall design is white, with bright color accents, making the whole pair of gloves very eye-catching. And very suitable for the simple and elegant color of the sport of golf.
  • Note: This pair of stylish golf gloves are more suitable for handwashing. It doesn’t recommend using a washing machine. It is best to dry naturally. We recommend that those with broad palms and longer fingers can choose a larger size. (one size larger than the standard size that you usually buy)

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2.FootJoy Women’s WeatherSof Golf Glove

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  • Great comfort and flexibility
  • Provides extraordinary fit with adjustable closure
  • It comes with fantastic durability
  • Can improve the grip performance
  • Feels very soft


  • Not available in pairs, and you have to buy separately for both hands

If you are looking for a comfortable and durable glove, then this is the one for you. The best part of this FootJoy ladies golf glove is its enhanced durability.

As the Glove makeup of advanced performance leather, it makes it highly durable. Besides that, it also feels perfect and provides excellent grip too. One of the main factors you need to look for when choosing a good golf glove is its fit. This one offers a great fit with the exclusive fibers.

Being made up with the best quality material and a great combination of fibers, this Glove offers a soft and comfortable feel with a consistent fit. The best part of this Glove is that it provides a secure grip while holding the golf club.

This golf glove also comes with a secure closure, which can adjust according to your comfort. Hence, it provides a snug fit that feels comfortable too. Also, the soft power mesh located over the knuckles can improve comfort, flexibility, and breathability.

Best suited for:

If you have a problem with the golf club’s grip due to sweat or stress, this Glove is the ideal solution. It offers the best grip performance in the critical stress areas of your palms.

You can get an improved grip performance even there are any issues with the stress area or anything else. Hence, you can have the best grip, and we all know a good grip can be the game-changer for any golf game.

More Detail Review Please Visit:

FootJoy Women’s WeatherSof Golf Glove Review

  • ENHANCED DURABILITY – Advanced Performance Leather increases the feel, durability, and grip performance in key stress areas.
  • EXTRAORDINARY FIT – Exclusive FiberSof material provides the most advanced combination of a consistent fit, soft feel, and a secure grip.
  • SECURE CLOSURE – Proprietary ComforTab Closure comfortably adjusts for a secure, reliable fit and feel.
  • BREATHABLE MESH – Soft PowerNet mesh across the knuckles improves breathability, comfort, and flexibility.
  • Material Type: Leather; Synthetic; Mesh

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3.FootJoy StaCooler women’s golf glove

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  • Constructed by breathable PowerNet mesh
  • Provides excellent comfort and freshness
  • It keeps your hand feel dry
  • Offers perfect grip


  • The simple look and white color with no designs as such

It is one of the best gloves among all the 8 best ladies golf gloves, both hands reviewed here. The unique part of this Glove is that it comes with the Aloe Vera Cabretta leather.

This Aloe Vera leather technology is excellent for golf gloves as it makes your palm feel dry and soft. It can also enhance grip performance to a great extent. The best part is that it also provides an aromatic softness to your hand throughout the game.

A critical factor that is quite important while playing golf is moisture control. When your palms are sweating a lot, it gets more challenging to maintain the proper grip. This Glove comes with breathable PowerNet mesh along the knuckles and fingers.

It creates a calm and comforting feeling that can improve flexibility and grip. It can offer a great fit too. These gloves for women are perfect for professional golf games.

Best suited for:

Some women face a problem with sweating palms. While some don’t meet this issue much, some women’s main point is their uncontrollable sweating palms. It can be an essential factor in golf as you need to have the best grip on your golf club.

For women with this problem, the FootJoy StaCooler glove is the perfect solution. As mentioned above, the Aloe Vera leather technology helps you get the best grip and provides aromatic softness and freshness. It also helps to keep your hand dry.

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FootJoy Women’s StaCooler Golf Gloves Review

  • ALOE VERA CABRETTA LEATHER – Proprietary Aloe Vera leather technology offers softly. Dry feel and grip performance while providing an aromatic Aloe Vera softness to your hand round after round.
  • MOISTURE CONTROL – Breathable elasticized Power Net Mesh along with the fingers and knuckles creates excellent comfort while improving fit and flexibility.

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4.PGM Golf Glove for Women

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  • Ergonomic design for best control
  • Provides excellent stability and flexibility
  • It comes with in-built vents for the best breathability
  • Particle design offers the best grip
  • It comes in 4 color options


  • No closure system is available for a secure fit

The best part of this pair of gloves is that it provides ergonomic tailoring for best comfort and control. With the help of this, you can get the best control over your fingers which is very much essential for playing golf. A strong swing comes from the best grip.

This pair of gloves provides extra grip strength, which is a great addition. Besides that, it also offers an outstanding balance between stability as well as flexibility. In addition, the particle design of this pair of gloves provides the best quality grip.

The next thing that is quite beneficial for the golfer is sweat control. The in-built swear vents in the golf gloves offer you complete hassle-free gameplay.

You will have to worry about the sweating, nor do you have to worry about the discomfort. It can help you in proper ventilation and flow of air. Hence, you can expect excellent breathability and constant airflow, keeping your hand sweat-free and dry.

Best suited for:

The women who have a significant issue with finger control while wearing gloves must own this one. This pair of gloves is the perfect solution for your finger control.

These gloves tailor in such a way or design. It can offer your optimum control over the functionality and movement of the fingers.

It is designed professionally with microfibers that can provide optimal balance and stability. Hence, you will be able to get complete control of every finger.

More Detail Review Please Visit:

PGM Women’s Golf Glove Review

  • ALOE VERA CABRETTA LEATHER – Proprietary Aloe Vera leather technology offers softly. Dry feel and grip performance while providing an aromatic Aloe Vera softness to your hand round after round.
  • MOISTURE CONTROL – Breathable elasticized Power Net Mesh along with the fingers and knuckles creates excellent comfort while improving fit and flexibility.

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5.Finger ten leather golf gloves for women

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  • Highly flexible and comfortable
  • It comes with a removable ball marker
  • Strategically designed for the best breathability
  • Offers softness and comfort
  • Great for professional players


  • No closure system is available
  • It May feel a bit bulky

The uniqueness of this pair of gloves is that you can choose from the 4 different size options. This pair of gloves are available in – Small (s), Medium (m), Large (l), and Extra-Large (x-large).

Hence, it makes for every hand shape and size. Therefore, you can get the best and unmatched grip with the correct size. It comes to the design. It is designed in such a way that it offers excellent flexibility. Hence, the functionality of this pair of gloves is relatively high.

The Lycra spandex places strategically in the fingers for best breathability as well as flexibility. It also features a removable ball marker. Hence, you can easily mark your balls with the help of it.

The gloves manufacture with high-quality and premium leather, which offers ultra-softness and stability. Hence, you can expect outstanding comfort while wearing it.

The optimum feel and unmatched grip of this Glove make it a great option to consider. It is one of the best choices for professional women golfers looking for the most high-quality golf gloves. In addition, it comes with several benefits, such as it provides good grip, proper ventilation, and flexibility.

Best suited for:

Do you have a knack for numbering or marking the balls while playing golf? Well, the problem can be that you may not have the marker with you always. But this pair of gloves provide you with the perfect solution.

It comes with a fashionable ball marker which is also removable. You can easily take out the ball marker to mark the balls. It is a quick and easy solution.

  • EXPERIENCE THE ULTIMATE PURE FEEL FOR YOUR MATCH: Due to the Exclusive Premium Leather and High-Quality Manufacturing Process, The Stablegrip Leather Glove will Provide Optimum Feel, Unmatched Grip and Most Softness in all Climates and Conditions of Play for Serious Pro Players;
  • DESIGN IN FLEXIBILITY AND FUNCTIONAL BALL MARKER: Strategically Placed Lycra Spandex in Fingers for Flexibility and Breathability. A Removable Fashionable Ball Marker Offers a Quick and Easy Solution to Mark Your Balls;
  • GLOVES WORN ON RIGHT HAND: Please Check the Attached Picture for Hand Orientation. This Glove is to Worn on Your Left Hand for Right-Handed Golfer, Worn on Right Hand for Left-Handed Golfer. The Sizes are Conforms with USA Regular Sizes. No Misunderstanding, Happy Purchase;
  • WELL PACKAGED AND saved YOUR MONEY: You Will Receive 1 Right-Hand Glove Packaged Well in Good Condition. Every Glove Will be Put in a Small Bag at First and Then Into the Paper Package. Double Protection. Spend less, Buy Better Quality Golf Gloves Than the Brand Ones;
  • NO RISK AND BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: ALL Finger Ten Products Are Eligible For Amazon 30 Days Return And Change Policy. Finger Ten Aims To Make All Our Customers 100% Satisfied.

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6.Under Armour CoolSwitch women’s golf gloves

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  • It offers excellent durability and comfort
  • It helps you in getting the best grip
  • Keeps your palms cool and sweat-free
  • The material helps in wicking sweat and keeping the palm dry
  • Made up of high-quality material
  • It can wash it in the machine


  • No closure is available for a secure fit

This women’s golf glove’s best and most unique feature is that it can pull the heat away from your skin. Hence, you will end up feeling more excellent in actuality. It is possible because of the exclusive coating that is present under the pair of gloves.

This technology is called UA CoolSwitch technology which helps in keeping your calms cooler and sweat-free. This golf glove makes up 50% of leather, 42% of Polyester, 5% of Polyurethane, and 3% of Elastodiene.

You can easily wash it in the machine, unlike most golf gloves available in the market.

This golf glove offers a premium grip system that can give you maximum comfort as well as control. The soft Cabretta leather uses to manufacture this Glove which helps in delivering top-notch durability and comfort.

It also ensures a better grip. Furthermore, the Micro-Perfs present on the gloves offers excellent ventilation. Such materials make the gloves that they can wick the sweat and help it to dry fast.

This Glove is highly beneficial for women while playing golf as this can offer excellent grip, comfort and keep your palm sweat-free.

Best suited for:

This Glove is best suited for women with warm palms that tend to sweat a lot. The problem of sweating palms is quite common, and this golf glove is the perfect solution.

With the CoolSwitch technology, these gloves come with exclusive coating on the inside; they can successfully pull away from the heat from your palms. Hence, your palms or hands will feel more relaxed, and they will not sweat much.

Also, the material can dry fast, giving you a fresh outcome.

More Detail Review Please Visit:

Under Armour Women’s CoolSwitch Golf Gloves Review

  • UA CoolSwitch uses an exclusive coating on the inside that pulls heat away from your skin, so you feel calmer.
  • The Premium Grip system gives you maximum control.
  • Soft Cabretta leather delivers comfort, durability & grip.
  • Micro-Perfs increase ventilation
  • Material wicks sweat & dries fast.

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7.GH Leather golf gloves for women (both hands)

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  • Great quality material
  • Available in large size for broader and larger palms
  • It comes with a Velcro closure for a secure fit
  • Highly comfortable and flexible
  • Offers great breathability


  • Simple design with no such color options

It is another excellent option to consider among all the 8 best ladies golf gloves on both hands. The best part of this pair of gloves is that it offers excellent breathability. The vented finger with the mesh net structure provides the best flow of the air through the gloves.

The open finger crotch seams provide the perfect ventilation for the proper flow of air. While playing golf, the hand tends to sweat a lot which can hurt the grip. You have to hold the club tightly and firmly. This Glove can offer you the best grip.

Being made up of polyurethane leather, it offers both comfort and flexibility. Also, the functionality is quite excellent with the anti-slip and anti-sweat fabric.

The thumb crotch comes with double stitching for firm hold or grip. As a result, it is incredibly comfortable to wear. Also, the fabric ensures excellent breathability. 

The proper flow of air can help you in the best possible way to keep your palm fresh and sweat-free all the time. With this pair of gloves, you can achieve the best outcome. Also, it is available in XL size for women with more extensive palms.

Best suited for:

If your main issue is the grip, then this pair of gloves is the right solution. With the open finger crotch seams and thumb crotch double stitch, you get both breathability and stability.

Hence, you can enjoy a sweat-free and dry grip which can be firm and stable. It is highly suitable for women with sweating palm issues. In addition, the right amount of ventilation will allow the proper flow of air.

  • Material: polyurethane leather
  • Vented fingers: Open finger crotch seams
  • Thumb crotch double stitched.
  • Velcro tab closer; Comfortable and breathable
  • Please check the size table on the picture; since synthetic leather does not stretch, it recommends to order one size larger than the leather glove size.

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8.Callaway Golf gloves with Thermal grip for women 

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  • It comes with improved grip on rainy days
  • Great for winter as it offers fleece lining
  • It comes with adjustable closure for a secure fit
  • Provides firm grip along with significant flexibility
  • Made up of top quality materials


  • It cannot wear it on summer days

Are you looking for the best grip solution in wet conditions? Well, this pair of gloves is the perfect one!

The best and most unique feature of this golf glove is its digitized synthetic leather palm. As a result, it can offer improved grip in wet conditions.

This pair of women gloves make up of synthetic material, providing utmost comfort as well as flexibility. The best part is that it comes with an optic shield outer shell with microfiber. As a result, it can successfully repel the water and provide excellent protection against wind.

Also, this pair of gloves comes with an optic Thermo thermal fleece lining in the inner part. It can help to keep your hands warm during colder days. It is an all-black glove which is available in 4 sizes-small, medium, large and extra-large.

Hence, no matter what the size of your palm is, this pair of gloves can fit in your palm perfectly without any issues. If you have smaller hands, go for small or medium. If you have a larger one, then opt for large or extra-large.

It is better to check the size chart before ordering. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable optic closure. Hence, it can offer a secure fit.

Best suited for:

Often during cold or rainy days, it can be a real problem to get the perfect grip of the golf club. The wet condition doesn’t allow the proper grip, and cold wind makes it even worse.

But gloves are the perfect solution for those who like playing golf in the winter or the rain. The microfiber outer shell not only repels water but also protects your hand against winds. 

The leather palm synthetic finish offers excellent grip even during wet conditions.

  • Digitized Synthetic Leather Palm – Improved Grip in Wet Conditions
  • Opti Shield Microfiber Outer Shell – Repels Water & Provides Wind Protection
  • Opti Therm Thermal Fleece Inner Lining – Keeps Hands Warm
  • Opti Fit Adjustable Closure – Thin, Light & Secure Fit

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How to prevent sweaty hands while playing golf?

Golf generally plays during hot and humid conditions. Most people prefer playing in such a condition as the summer is the best time! Also, you get to enjoy a lot of free time during this time of the year, and the weather remains quite pleasant.

But the problem is that the hand or palms tend to sweat a lot in hot and humid conditions. Sweating is normal but can be a massive issue for playing golf. Hence, it is essential to keep your hands sweat-free and dry.

It can be a huge disadvantage for you if your palms are prone to sweating. However, there are some ways or methods that can help you to fix this issue. We’ll discuss those issues here:

Switch gloves from time to time

One of the ways to fix the issue of sweaty palms is by using more than one pair of gloves, and you have to keep on switching them. Though all the gloves mentioned above offer excellent breathability and airflow, keeping a spare one with you is better.

If you sweat a lot, you can switch to another pair of gloves while the other keeps drying. Keep on rotating and changing the gloves so that none of them get too sweaty, causing a hindrance to your gameplay.

Select some of the best sweat-free pairs from the above 8 best ladies golf gloves on both hands. Choosing the right quality gloves can help you to have a sweat-free golfing.

Try a product to dry your hands.

One of the most efficient ways to keep your hands dry while playing golf is by trying a product. There are many products available that mean for drying your hands. You can search on the internet to look for such products.

You can check the ingredient or formulations before you choose one for your need. The primary purpose of these products is that it helps in keeping the sweat off your hands. You can check the review of the products to know which one will be ideal for your use. Often it comes in the form of a spray, which you can apply to your hands.

Use the rain gloves.

As mentioned above in one of the reviews, rain gloves are the best way to protect your hands in wet conditions. Your ability to have a firm grip on the club determines your gameplay.

Sweat and rain can make your hand wet and slippery. Moreover, it can ruin the grip. Hence, if you are prone to sweating a lot, it is better to try the best gloves you use in wet conditions.

The Callaway golf glove for women mentioned above is the right option for you to try. But it is suitable for the cold climatic regions. You can find similar gloves without the fleece lining for the best result.

Use baby powder in your hands.

One of the best hacks to prevent sweaty hands or control the sweat is using baby powder.

It is one of the readily available products and is available at a very reasonable price. In addition, you can apply the baby powder to your palms before putting on the gloves. 

It can help you a lot. The powder can prevent sweating for a long time. But, of course, you have to apply the powder now and then, depending on how sweaty you get.

Try the best brands available. It is the simplest and easiest way to prevent sweating of your palms while playing golf.

Use sweatbands for wrists

Many people have tried the sweatband around their wrist while playing golf. It helps them a lot! You can also try using the wrist bands as they can effectively control the sweat from getting to your palms.

Also, many golfers said that their swing felt much different and better after trying a sweatband around the wrist. So, if you want, you can try this once. Then, if you feel comfortable, you can use this as your go-to method to prevent the sweat from being on your palms.

Use towels for sweat control

Not one, but you will need many towels for this. Different towels must use for other purposes such as for the face, for clubs, and hands. If you are using only one towel, then it can be too wet to serve the purpose.

Hence, you have to use a lot of towels and assign them for different purposes. Therefore, it can help you in solving the sweaty hand issue to some extent.

Use the sweaty hand’s golf grip.

If you think that the main issue with sweaty hands is not getting the proper grip, you have to try golf grips. It will help you to get a good grasp of the golf club.

There are many such leather grips available in the market for your golf clubs. These grips help you to grab the club firmly, offering excellent stability. While buying the golf grip for sweaty hands, make sure to purchase something easy to clean and dry.

Keep yourself cool

The following way that can help you to keep your hands dry and less sweaty is by keeping yourself calm. But, of course, when the weather is hot and humid, you have to do certain things that can help you to keep yourself clear.

Make sure to wear clothes that are breathable and airy. Keep on drinking cold beverages and keep a cold towel on the neck.

You can also wear a hat and rub some ice on the veins. Don’t forget that keeping yourself cool can help you to prevent sweating.

Buying guide for the best golf gloves

As we have already provided the best 8 gloves available for the women golfer, it has become easier for you to choose the best. But the main question is – how to choose the right one for you? Here are some of the factors that you have to look for:

Size of the gloves: Of course, the size of the gloves matters a lot. Not everyone’s length of the palm is the same. If you are opting for a smaller size, then make sure to check the size chart. If you have a giant palm, then choose the large or extra-large size.

Materials: As discussed in the very beginning, materials differ. You have to know and understand which material is ideal for you, i.e., which provides the best comfort to your palm. The better the convenience, the more efficient your performance will be.

Design and style: While buying any accessories, everyone has a particular choice of style and design. It entirely depends on one person to another. You can check out the styles and techniques of the top 8 golf gloves and choose the right one for you.

Based on these factors, you can buy one or more gloves that you review above. These golf gloves for women are shortlisted by us, keeping different essential things in mind.

Final Words

Women golfers can choose one of the golf gloves from the top 8 best ladies golf gloves both hands reviewed above. But before making the final call, keep these three essential factors or points in your mind.

The primary purpose of using the Glove is to get a better-improved grip, enhanced performance, and efficiency. Hence, it is crucial to make a sound decision before making the final purchase.

If you are a professional golfer, you will know how important it is to choose golf gloves with proper ventilation and breathability.

Also, understand the fact that comfort plays a vital role. You have to understand which Glove can provide the best consolation to you. The convenience can be subjective and can differ from one person to another.

Consider the size and material of the gloves to determine whether or not the gloves will be comfortable for you. Also, ensure that the material is perfect for the weather you are playing golf.

Also, keep the baby powder, dry sprays, and towels handy to keep the sweat off from the hand. It can help you to enjoy golfing to the utmost level.

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