FootJoy Women’s StaCooler Golf Gloves Review

When it comes to finding the right fit golfing gloves, I always had difficulty finding something that fits well. I have tried using big brands, but I could never find something that works perfectly well.

Being a woman golfer, the quality and fit of gloves are essential because they offer protection to our hands. However, if they are not the right fit, they can leave blisters and callousness in our hands.

But more than this, they can affect the shots, and that is a hefty price to pay for a glove not selected well.

Why a perfect fit is such a big issue when we talk about golf gloves? It is because the glove can make your golfing experience from ordinary to extraordinary to sublime. The material, size, and overall feel are essential to giving you a perfect grip and shot.

If the material and vents are not suitable, your hands can become too sweaty. You may feel a clump in your hand when you make a shot.

In this backdrop, when I tried playing with FootJoy Women StaCooler Golf Gloves, I was surprised to see the quality and comfort that these gloves offer. The product under review has a left-hand orientation, and it comes for around $15 per piece

When I tried these gloves for the first time, it was easy to wear, and it gave me a pleasant experience. In addition, it had a great sense of style and fashion.

FootJoy Women’s StaCooler Golf Gloves Overview

FootJoy Women’s StaCooler Golf Gloves Review


  • Great comfort and flexibility
  • Provides extraordinary fit with adjustable closure
  • It comes with fantastic durability
  • Can improve the grip performance
  • Feels very soft

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Product specifications

  • Color: Pearl
  • Size: Small
  • Hand: Left
  • Material: Mesh, Synthetic
  • Dimensions: 10 x 4.1 x 0.6 inches
  • Weight: 1.7 Ounces


  • ALOE VERA CABRETTA LEATHER – Proprietary Aloe Vera leather technology offers softly. And dry feel and grip performance while providing an aromatic Aloe Vera softness to your hand round after round.
  • MOISTURE CONTROL – Breathable elasticized Power Net Mesh along the fingers and knuckles creates excellent comfort while improving fit and flexibility.

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It makes synthetic material gloves and Cabretta Aloe Vera leather, giving these products a soft and dry feel. In addition, they have an added grip performance with a dash of aloe vera aroma.

The outer surface of the glove has a mesh material that is breathable and elasticized. The mesh surface covers the knuckles and fingers. The mesh improves the fit and flexibility feature of the glove.

All lady golfers will find this glove an essential item in their golfing kit. It’s lightweight, with a performance grip and relaxed fit. In addition, it has a vital element of fit and fashion features.

The Cabretta leather enhances by aloe vera. Unfortunately, it is not a single fingerless glove for a right-hand person.


These are comfortable golf gloves, especially if you are playing in warm weather. You will love them for their elastic back, a feature that you will not find in every golf glove. When I wear these gloves, I don’t see my hand squeezed.

It retains its original comfortable fit game after game and even after many wash cycles. However, you can use a golf glove shaper when you are air drying it. It will ensure your glove never goes out of shape.  

A golf glove shaper can help you keep the gloves in shape when you dry them after washing. If you haven’t yet bought a glove shaper, you should flatten and spread it after washing.

It will ensure that your glove is not crumpled when it dries up. It may be slightly inconvenient to wear it if it gets crumpled, though it may be all that difficult. But, soon, it will soften up and will behave normally.

I have found some lady golfers who claim that this stay more excellent gloves fit and new even after a couple of years. Just imagine how happy you feel when a product stays good even after a few years of purchasing it.

Some of the highlights of these gloves are as follow:

  • It has an ergonomic design that offers complete control over your fingers
  • Mesh surface offers adequate sweat vents
  • Easy to use and hassle-free maintenance
  • Extra comfort due to stretchy back
  • Professional design, stylish
  • Aloe vera leather technology gives it a soft and aromatic feel
  • Overall flexible and stable


Although FootJoy Women StaCooler Golf Gloves are suitable, I have a few suggestions. 

Some users complain that the palm turns black after a few rounds. After that, it becomes progressively all the worse. But I would suggest you look at the grips you are using in your club. They may be leeching color that sticks to your gloves.

These gloves are an excellent product for a golfing session in warm weather. But their performance is friendly, and winter is not up to the mark. However, the manufacturer can upgrade the material and the design to make them suitable for all seasons.

What I like about these gloves 

Many leading brand golf gloves have difficulty fitting correctly, especially if your hands are comprehensive and finger small. There are not many options. But FootJoy Women StaCooler Golf Gloves are a different story.

They stretch well and fit snugly. You pull on nicely and fit into your fingers well; it serves the purpose well.

For me, I have been wearing FJ gloves off and on, and I am pretty fascinated by their performance. I often think these are one of the best golf gloves on the market right now.

If you are living in the south, you can wear it around the year. It is comfortable and breathes well.


  • Robust, durable and well-designed
  • Offers powerful grip on the club
  • Mesh surface for sweat-free hands
  • Made with aloe vera enhanced leather and synthetic 


  • It tends to become dirty with color leeching on gloves
  •  Suitable for warm climates, for fall and winter, you may need another glove

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Final Words

FootJoy Women StaCooler Golf Gloves are one of the most delicate golf gloves on the market. The best thing about these gloves is that they have a stretchy material that makes these gloves fit in your hands snugly.

The material is a combination of synthetic fabric, Cabretta leather enhanced by the aromatic presence of aloe vera.

It’s soft, comfy, easy-to-wear, and non-sweaty. Since it fits in your hands very well, there is hardly anything more than you.

Compared to other women golfing gloves, FootJoy Women StaCooler Golf Gloves have a superior design. It is because they conceive as women golfing gloves from scratch.

They are sure to help and improve your game. I highly recommend this product to you.

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