Wosofe Women Soft Leather Golf Gloves Comprehensive Review

Wosofe Women Soft Leather Gloves are soft breathable, with anti-slip performance gloves. They are used mainly by lady golfers and are widely preferred due to their comfortability while playing.

Moreover, they enable you to have a maximum holding capacity of the golf club. The palm is made of soft leather, while the back makes cotton fitted with air circulation holes.

Moreover, they come in different sizes, thus fitting the hands of other ladies.

Wosofe Women Soft Leather Gloves Overview

Wosofe Women Soft Leather Gloves


  • Made up of soft leather
  • Very comfortable and breathable
  • Looks very elegant and stylish
  • Perfect for ladies with wide or large palms
  • Absorbs sweat of your palms

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The Importance of Wosofe Soft Leather Gloves

Whose gloves are primarily protective tools to prevent cuts or splinters on a golfers’ hand? With their quality, you are guaranteed protection from game-related injuries. Additionally, they are essential to allow you to play in any weather condition.

The holes on the glove allow good air circulation, allowing the hand’s skin to sweat easily.

Moreover, Wosofe women’s soft leather gloves enable increased grip on the golf club without interfering with the hand’s movement. 

Moreover, they make up 75% sheepskin leather, reducing the friction that might have damaged your bare hands when hitting a golf ball. The comfort associated with gloves since they are non-slip enhances the playing experience, thus achieving your


  • Material: The palm is soft leather, and the back of the hand is cotton with holes. Very comfortable and skin-friendly, and also very breathable. It is a pair of professional ladies’ golf gloves.
  • Size: The size of this glove is X-Large, suitable for women and girls whose hands with a palm width of 8.5 cm (3.35 inches) and a middle finger length of 8 cm (3.15 inches). You can refer to the attached picture to choose the gloves that suit you according to your needs.
  • Design: This glove is very reasonable in structure. The palm is an ultra-thin soft leather that protects the woman’s hand from injury during exercise. The back of the writing makes of soft cotton, which is breathable and absorbs sweat for a more comfortable fit.
  • Color: This golf club glove is lovely in bloom. The overall design is white, with bright color accents, making the whole pair of gloves very eye-catching. And it’s very suitable for the simple and elegant color of the sport of golf.
  • Note: This pair of stylish golf gloves are more suitable for handwashing. It doesn’t recommend using a washing machine. It is best to dry naturally. We recommend that those with broad palms and longer fingers can choose a larger size. (one size larger than the standard size that you usually buy)

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Whose gloves makeup 75% sheepskin leather. On the palm is where the leather is, while the back makes of pure cotton.

Moreover, the back of the hand has holes for maximum air circulation. Finally, these gloves have been tested and proven to be skin-friendly and comfortable. By purchasing these gloves, you guarantee to get professional golf gloves for both girls and ladies.


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Whose gloves are available in all leading retail stores across the nation. In addition, all top websites, such as amazon.com and other renowned companies, are selling it at reasonable prices.

Notably, you can find gloves in various sizes, thus accommodating lady hands in all sizes.

Furthermore, you can order a pair or several pairs of these gloves at the comfort of your house or when at home using your phone. It can make payment online and deliver dispatch immediately.

Moreover, if you purchase the gloves in large quantities, you are guaranteed attractive discounts, reducing the buying price.


The glove’s overall design color is white, with the palm side having an array of colors. It provides the glove with eye-catching and futuristic features.

The glove indeed gives to the elegance attached to the golfing sport. Additionally, the straps that fasten up the glove on your hands have a goldish handwritten message which it can customize upon request to your preferred writings.


These gloves have been designed reasonably with the state of the art technology. The back is made of soft cotton with holes to allow air circulation.

The palm is made of soft leather, 75% sheepskin, thus protecting cuts or splinters or other game-related injuries. Moreover, the soft cotton at the back is essential to absorb sweat from the hands, therefore dry the hand.

Moreover, it helps in increasing comfortability and grip since the glove is non-slip.


The size of the glove varies depending on the hand size of the user. For example, users with a palm width of 8cm and a middle finger measuring 7cm can fit well in this glove. Moreover, when you want to purchase, visit your preferred store to check the gloves.

Alternatively, peruse through the online store’s picture and identify the glove that best suits you. However, images will not give you the actual measurements, thus engaging your fellow golfers or reading through the reviews to get a better glimpse.

Ease of Use

Most Wosofe Women’s soft gloves are generally easy to fit and use. The only determinative factor is how you do it. While wearing it, be careful to include all fingers in their designated regions on the gloves.

Once you have fitted the glove, close the straps not so tight and test its functionality by closing and opening your hands. After that, you are ready to enjoy your game or exercise.

Washing and Maintenance

When you want to clean the gloves to maintain them, always hand wash them. Experts advise you to refrain from cleaning them by using a washing machine.

It destroys and weakens the leather used on the palm. Moreover, the heat used to dry it with a washing machine loosens the fiber on the cotton, and peeling off the colors will set in. Importantly, hang them outside to dry naturally.


Most manufacturers offer a warranty of 24 months. It guarantees you peace when your gloves wear off since you can easily replace them during this grace period without incurring costs. Once the warranty is over, you will be required to buy another pair.

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Always take care of your hands by getting Wosofe women’s soft leather gloves. The comfort realized by using the gloves will wow you.

Head over to the recommended sites and avenues and get yours today, and you will not regret it!

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