Under Armour CoolSwitch Golf Gloves Review (Women’s)

Golf is fun and a popular sport among many men and women worldwide. It’s a fun-filled sport you can play alone, with family, friends and even strangers. You will enjoy every moment and improve your health as it’s a great way of exercising.

Before Start It

Golf never gets boring as there are varied game options to play. There are also endless ways you can play the game as no round of golf is the same. For instance, you can decide to play as many or fewer holes as you wish.

Some healthy competition is great for your body, and playing golf is one of the best ways. It will help improve your sleep, burn more calories, and reduce stress. However, you will need the right golf gear to enjoy every moment on the golf course.

Golf gear or equipment includes many items that range from golf clubs, golf balls, and other devices that make this sport unique. Investing in golf gloves is a wise decision you will never regret. However, you should get the best types of golf gloves in the market.

The available golf gloves vary in design, size, and color. Therefore, you should pick a model that will satisfy your needs and preferences. The Under Armour women’s CoolSwitch golf gloves are models you will not have any reservations about buying.

Under Armour has been producing exceptional products and these golf gloves are what you need.

CoolSwitch golf gloves are a great collection for women and clarify how Under Armour works hard to satisfy clients’ needs. It’s a design that depicts the brand’s quality and the advanced technology to produce top-notch golf gear.

Under Armour CoolSwitch Golf Gloves, White (100)/Aluminum, Left Hand Medium (Women’s)

Under Armour Womens CoolSwitch Golf Gloves Review
  • UA CoolSwitch uses an exclusive coating on the inside that pulls heat away from your skin, so you feel calmer.
  • The Premium Grip system gives you maximum control.
  • Soft Cabretta leather delivers comfort, durability & grip.
  • Micro-Perfs increase ventilation
  • Material wicks sweat & dries fast.

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Overview of FootJoy Ladies Golf Glove


  • It offers excellent durability and comfort.
  • It helps you in getting the best grip.
  • Keeps your palms cool and sweat-free
  • The material helps in wicking sweat and keeping the palm dry.
  • Made up of high-quality material
  • It can wash it in the machine.

Features of Under Armour Golf Gloves

A look at the different distinctive features of these golf gloves will clear your doubts about this brand.

From these golf gloves reviews, you get experiences of other diehard fans. You get a chance to know what other golfers like about these golf gloves as they are real users.

They come at budget-friendly rates, and you need to compare their prices from one shop to another. As an enthusiastic golfer, here are incredible and distinctive features that I find remarkable about the womens’ excellent switch golf gloves. Have a look;

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Soft Cabretta LeatherUnder Armour uses a construction that features soft Cabretta leather to make outstanding gloves.

The all-leather construction aids in the production of comfortable and long-lasting gloves. These gloves are high-quality and will enhance your play every time you hit the golf course.

Unique Coating on the Insides 

Under Armour uses the UA CoolSwitch technology that utilizes a one-of-a-kind coating on the insides. This inside technology offers a means to regulate heat in your body. For example, it helps pull heat away from your skin so that you can feel cooler while playing golf.

Firm Grip and Maximum Control 

The premium grip system technology used to manufacture these golf gloves guarantees snugly fit on the fingers and palms. As a result, the user of these gloves will have a firm grip and enjoy maximum control while swinging the golf club.


For maximum ventilation, these gloves come with micro-Perfs, an outstanding feature that many manufacturers don’t utilize.

This feature works effectively to increase breathability and ensure a golfer’s hands stay dry. These perforations also help reduce sweating underneath the glove and prevent foul odors.

Material Wicks Sweat

Under Armour uses the Moisture Transport System technology to increase the functionality of these women’s golf gloves. This innovative technology is incorporated into the gloves to wick sweat away from your hands when playing golf.

A golfer will stay cool and refreshed and enjoy the great playing moments stress-free. Hence, you don’t have to worry when playing as many holes as you wish.

Built-in Closure Tab

The built-in closure tab works perfectly on these CoolSwitch golf gloves to provide a customized and perfect fit.

The Under Armor women’s excellent switch golf gloves come in high-quality fabric. You can machine wash them without any qualms.

Under Armour CoolSwitch Golf Gloves, White (100)/Aluminum, Left Hand Medium (Women’s)

  • UA CoolSwitch uses an exclusive coating on the inside that pulls heat away from your skin, so you feel calmer.
  • The Premium Grip system gives you maximum control.
  • Soft Cabretta leather delivers comfort, durability & grip.
  • Micro-Perfs increase ventilation
  • Material wicks sweat & dries fast.

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Benefits of Under Armour Golf Gloves

If it’s your first time to come across these great gloves by Under Armour and want to buy the best design, worry not. There are impressive benefits of these gloves to guide you in your shopping spree. They include:

  • Maximum Comfort- If you read reviews from other golf enthusiasts, you will rest assured and realize comfort is a crucial facet that makes these gloves stand out. These gloves will keep you comfortable as you play your favorite sport. The snug fit design guarantees maximum comfort that no other brand can match.
  • Matchless Efficiency- These gloves build to improve your playing experience. The premium grip these gloves provide helps keep your club in position and from sliding out of your hands. The gloves’ traction allows you to make better strokes for a long duration and with improved control.
  • Maximum Protection- Bad weather conditions can affect your golf time. However, with the CoolSwitch golf gloves by Under Armour, golfers can relax and prepare for the game. These gloves design using remarkable technology that helps absorb moisture and heat distribution in the body.

Foul odor from your sweaty hands and wet gloves is not an issue. These gloves will also protect your hand against blisters after a long day of the golf club grip on your skin.

  • Perfect Fit- Not all types of golf gloves you come across in the market make fit into your hands ideally. The good news? Under Armour designs a model that comes with a built-in closure and gives users an excellent fit.

On your shopping spree, pick a design that excellently fits into your hands. You will need one hand to grip the club tight. Golfers only wear one source: underarmour.eu

Final Words

Anytime you are on the golf course and want to take a full swing, always wear a perfect glove.

Under Armour is the best design to go for in the market. Even though the prices may vary from one shop to another, this is an excellent brand that, nothing doubt, makes you fall in love.

These golf gloves are high-quality, a premier choice, and value for your money.

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