Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls Review: Beginner Friendly

Most golf ball manufacturers make one series, and there are not many different options available in that series. The most amount of variety you may get is a variety of colors.

It is not a very good thing because users then have to stick to a single product or change the series, which can be problematic for some people.

However, if you also feel similar problems, you are at the right place because the Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls are the best option for you.

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls Review: Beginner Friendly

Here we will discuss some pros and cons of these golf balls, and we will also tell what kind of players can enjoy using these balls and why you should use them.

Let’s start our Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls review.

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Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls Features

A feature of anything will define the experience that you will get by using it. Therefore, any product with great features will provide a better user experience.

Here, we will discuss the features that make these golf balls better than some of their competitors.

  1. Different options available

These are the balls that are available in different options. In addition, some votes are public to list below.

  • Lime Golf Balls.
  • Red Golf Balls.
  • White Golf Balls.

Apart from being visibly different, these balls are also other in terms of the gameplay experience and user feel. It makes these golf balls unique and user-friendly as the user can select the option that suits his playing methods.

  1. Excellent Range hitting

The construction of the ball is done in a unique way to help it reach longer distances. The help of a low trajectory mainly achieves this.

low trajectory achieves a lower launch, which is why the ball gets a quieter flight. So although the height of the ball is low, it is still able to cover long distances. That is a fantastic thing.

  1. Excellent on-ground control

These balls’ design features a 336-dimple design that is more than enough to have a great drip on the ground’s surface. It is the reason why this ball has excellent on-ground control.

The excellent on-ground control also makes these balls best for beginners.

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Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls Pros & Cons:

Here we will discuss some pros and cons of doing a Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls review.


  • Easy to use
  • Innovative engineering


  • Cosmetics durability
  • Structural durability

About Pros:

The pros of these balls are listed below.

Easy to use

Unlike most golf balls, these golf balls are straightforward to control. It is because of their excellent on-ground control, low ball flight, and spin rates.

These features make this ball very easy to play, making it one of the best balls for most players who love to play on the low swing.

Innovative engineering

These balls make using the S2TG technology that provides the balls with a great feel for playing. Other than this, the 4-cast urethane cover of these balls makes them easy to control while spin is needed. In short, these features can enhance the golfer’s experience.

About Cons:

The cons of these balls are elaborate below.

Cosmetics durability

The cosmetic durability of these balls is an issue. All balls are in different colors; paint on the surface. However, the paint on these golf balls might start to get off, depending on the conditions and the way you play.

Structural durability.

In addition to cosmetic durability, structural durability is another issue with these golf balls. It is because the balls might start getting apart after some time of playing with them. But this will also not be the case with all the balls. Additionally, this will also depend on the conditions and the way you play with the hops.

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Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls Structure

The amazingly unique features are all because of the unique structure of these balls. Here we will tell you how the design of these balls is excellent in every factor.

Dual casting structure

One feature of these balls is that they use on low ball flights and lower launches. It is a feature that achieves by the dual casting structure of the balls.

Urethane cover of the balls

As these balls make in a dual cast structure, to provide them with better structural durability and the ability to spin and be controlled better, the balls cover in the urethane cover. It is the main reason why these balls are straightforward to maintain.

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls are the best option for what type of players:

These balls feature a low launch ball flight over a downward trajectory and can still cover vast distances. 

These balls are the best option for old-age people who like to play at lower swing speeds. Other than them, these balls are also an excellent option for beginners.

Why should you play with Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls?

There are several reasons why you should choose these balls to play with it. Some of them are listed below.

  1. These balls are great for a specific group of people.
  2. These balls come in a variety of options differentiated by the playing experience.
  3. The easier to control the spin of the balls and lower height flight makes these balls very easy and convenient to play with it.


For every new and experienced golf player, it is essential to find the right equipment. In addition, golf balls being part of the equipment have a significant effect on the playing experience.

That is why here we elaborated about the Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls review so that you can select whether they match your playing needs or not.

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