TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls Review

With such a wide variety of products on the market, it can be a confusing and time-consuming process to choose a golf ball.

But just any ball won’t do–it is essential to one’s performance and enjoyment of the game to find a ball that suits one’s specific needs. As such, many amateur golfers wonder where to begin.

TaylorMade’s Noodle Long & Softballs offer a variety of benefits to the hobbyist player. They provide the best of both worlds when it comes to driving distance and softness, and at less than $1 a ball, they are easy on one’s budget. 

These balls are a well-established, popular choice as well, with a nearly perfect rating on Amazon. 《Click to Check The Price on Amazon

This review will discuss the Noodle Long & Softball features and their reception by the golfing community. It will also provide a brief explanation of how and why this ball works as well as it does.

TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls Features

TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft Golf Ball Review

The Noodle Long & Soft aims to provide the most streamlined, enjoyable possible experience for casual players, older players, and those with higher handicaps. It is a reliable, tried-and-true model that will doubtlessly remain a favorite among hobbyist golfers for a long time to come.

This ball model sports several attributes that work together to provide its excellent, balanced performance.

Soft Feel

The Noodle Long & Softball is made with a 34-compression core, making it one of the softest on the market.

For reference, the average ball comes in somewhere between 80- and 100-compression.

A softer ball is easier on the hands. The Noodle Long & Softball provides this comfort and ease of use without sacrificing drive distance.


This ball was designed with maximum aerodynamics in mind, reducing air resistance on the ball as it flies.

With a greater-than-average number of dimples arranged in a proprietary design, this ball eliminates as much drag as possible.

It ensures that the ball, once hit, can fly as far as possible.


It’s Noodle Long & Softball coated with a layer of urethane.

This compound provides a mix of the softness of urethane coatings and the sturdiness of ionomer coatings. 

It means that while the ball remains comfortable to use, it is still fully capable of taking a beating over multiple rounds of the game.


It’s $14.99 for 15 balls a pack, $21.99 for 24 balls a pack, which is one of the best values on the stock, better than a dollar per ball.

Specifically, they cost approximately 99 cents per ball if 15 and about 91 cents per ball if 24 are purchased. 

It provides peace of mind to amateur players since the disappearance of a ball into a hazard or scrub poses a minimal loss. Without having to go searching for an expensive lost ball, players can focus on enjoying their game.

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Why It Works

Design for control and distance

The Noodle Long & Softball finds the sweet spot between travel distance and softness by perfecting the ball’s exterior, allowing the core to be as soft as possible.

The ball’s surface covers a patented 342-dimple design, making the ball as aerodynamic as possible. For reference, the average golf ball sports 336 dimples. The dimples of a golf ball support the distance that it flies by reducing air resistance.

A ball with dimples experiences about half as much drag as a smooth ball. It works because of the way that air travels around the curved surface of the dimples, creating lift much the same way as an airplane’s wing does.

On the interior, the ball has a 34-compression rubber core. The core rating bases on how tightly the rubber threads inside the ball are wound, with higher numbers meaning looser wrapping.

It is one of the softest cores available on the market, with an average soft golf ball containing an 80-compression core. As such, the Noodle Long & Softball is more comfortable to play with since the body deforms more when struck to reduce shock.

Though a golf club is only in contact with the ball for less than a millisecond, tremendous forces are at play. Most of the party is transferred to the ball as it flies away, but some come up the golf club’s shaft into the player’s hand and arm.

With one of the softest possible cores, the Noodle Long & Softball minimizes shock and provides a much more comfortable drive.


The softness of the Noodle Long & Soft ball’s core allows for greater control over the ball. In addition, more accuracy is afforded for each swing because of the core’s increased deformation when hit, even if one’s angle is slightly off.

It helps to reduce frustrating occurrences such as slicing and lost balls.

Furthermore, the softcore helps reduce the spin on the ball to fly further horizontally than vertically.

A ball hit with less spin will also travel farther and straighter. It can help much to increase accuracy and shave strokes off of a player’s game. A ball with low spin can

Though it is generally the case that a softer ball will travel a shorter distance, the Noodle Long & Softball engineer specifically combat this issue. So, with comfort and space, you can have your cake and eat it, too!

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The Best Ball for Hobbyist and Older Players

The Noodle Long & Softball achieves such an effective balance between cost, comfort, and performance. As a result, it is the ideal ball for casual players looking to enjoy a stress-free game.

One factor that reduces the frustration of playing with Noodle Long & Softballs is their cost. It is economical to continue playing at less than a dollar per ball if a ball goes astray.

And after all, nobody goes out for a round of golf to spend half their time searching for lost balls. Noodle Long & Softballs allow for a more streamlined, enjoyable game.

Additionally, these balls are popular among chronic pain issues, such as older players or people with arthritis. Because the ball is so soft, more shock absorbs by its core. It means that the player experiences less ‘kick’ when impacting the ball.

It is not the only reason that the Noodle Long & Softball is beloved among older golfers. Due to its highly aerodynamic construction, the ball can travel long distances with less force transferred through the swing.

Players with a swing speed below 85 miles per hour have reported excellent results on the distance they get with this ball, even though it is soft.

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Best Clubs for Noodle Long & Softball

Each shot is critical for you, depending on the club’s choice, the golf ball, and the excellent combination. As the performance, Noodle Long & Softball is your best choice. Because the Noodle Long & Softball is so focused on providing distance, it would pair best with a heavier club like a driver.

Another benefit here is that drivers have been trending toward forgiving minor mistakes in the past few years. As such, they are pairing this ball with the right driver can act as a ‘secret weapon’ of sorts, especially for higher-handicap players.

One well-acclaimed driver is the TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver, the same company as the Noodle. These clubs also adhere to TaylorMade’s commitment to the best quality for the best value, and it can have one for less than $200.

This club also comes with several customization options, including adjustments for handedness, flex of the shaft (including an option for older players), and the club’s head angle. Again, the due diligence to find the right club can make the difference, especially for the hobbyist player.

The RBZ is also well-received, sporting a 4.5/5 score on Amazon with nearly 750 reviews. Users appreciate the club for its forgiveness of common errors and the distance it provides, saying that it makes all the difference to their shots. They also praise its value, saying that they get an excellent club for the money.

This line of drivers also comes with a model made specifically for female golfers. It comes at the same price point, is also customization. Though it reviews fewer times, it sports an astounding 4.8/5 score, with 95% of its reviews rating the product five stars.

Reviews make much the same points as those of the men’s version–users report improved distance, forgiveness, and a straighter shot. In addition, they say that it is an excellent choice for casual golfers.

However, this line of clubs’ exceptional value for such an affordable price is the most beloved of all.

Reception in the Golfing Community

The Noodle Long & Softball is well-known among golfers as an excellent ball for casual play. The model is rated 4.7 out of 5 on its Amazon page, with over one thousand positive reviews. Additionally, 80% of these reviews are perfect five-star scores.

Hobbyist golfers love this model for its ease of use and feel, which they say does not sacrifice distance or accuracy.

Another oft-touted feature is cost: buyers are consistently pleased to receive such a quality product at such an economical cost.

Golfers who are cheekily honest about the number of balls they lose to scrub or hazards. And they often report feeling less frustrated to lose a ball that can cost a fraction as much as other models.

Reviewers have reported improvements in their shots with the Noodle Long & Softball. For example, one reviewer found a gain of twenty yards per shot.

They also express that they experience no difference in handling between the Noodle Long & Softball and other, more expensive brands. But, again, a common thread is that these are excellent balls for the money.

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Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball Versus Other Models

Golfers generally accept that the Noodle Long & Softball is a lower-cost alternative to such premium models as the Titleist Pro V1.

Titleist Pro V1 balls are known to provide a longer travel distance, as well as decreased spin–an advantage to one’s long game.

However, the difference in play between the two models is negligible for the hobbyist golfer, who may have lower strength and a higher handicap.

Additionally, it can be easier to recover a lost Titleist ball–coming as they do in colors other than white. And the loss incurred if a Titleist ball has to be left behind is far greater than that of the Noodle Long & Softball.

A box of a dozen Titleist Pro V1 balls retails for $52, which works out to around $4.33 per ball. In contrast, the Noodle Long & Softball costs 91 and 99 cents per ball, depending on the purchased number.

It’s also the case that, while Titleist balls market as being ‘soft,’ their compression rating isn’t anywhere near that of the Noodle Long & Softball.

The Titleist Pro V1 has a compression rating of around 90, more than twice that of the Noodle. But, again, it is because, as balls increase in price and prestige, their definition of ‘softness’ changes.

While Titleist balls are soft compared to the balls used by pro golfers, they are not ideal for those players looking for the increased comfort offered for balls like the Noodle Long & Soft.

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TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls Pros and Cons

It’s a brief overview of the high and low points of the Noodle Long & Softball.


The Noodle Long & Softball boasts many impressive attributes that can improve both one’s scores and enjoyment of the game.

Ease of UseThe low-compression core of the Noodle Long & Softball allows for longer, more accurate shots by players with slower, less powerful swings.


Because of its softcore, the Noodle feels much softer than other balls that may be trying to imitate the firm balls used by professional players. Even if those still market as ‘soft.’. With one of the lowest compression ratings on the market, the Noodle Long & Softball transfer a minimal amount of shock up the golf club’s shaft after it impacts the ball. As a result, it helps to ensure that the player’s hands and wrists are not stressed or even injured when playing.


The Noodle Long & Softball, which provides more distance and accuracy per mile-an-hour of force applied, is a good fit for new players. Furthermore, the low compression rating reduces sideways spin on the ball, making it easier to aim. Additionally, suppose a player gives to losing golf balls frequently. In that case, the Noodle is much more cost-effective at less than one dollar a ball.


Though the Noodle Long & Softball is an excellent piece of equipment, all golf balls have drawbacks.


This model of the ball only makes in white. At the same time, it is still practical to leave lost Noodle Long & Softballs behind due to their cost. If a player does choose to recover their ball–or even tries to find it for their next shot, a white orb can be more challenging to pick out on a course that litter with them.

Comparison to Other Models

While they are substantially more expensive, models such as the Titleist Pro V1 perform better for golfers with lower handicaps. It is because they have considerably higher compression ratings, and as such, travel further and are engineered to reduce spin.


The TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Ball provides an excellent return on investment. It especially goes for inexperienced, casual, or older players, given that this model prioritizes comfort without sacrificing drive distance.

The Noodle’s aerodynamic construction makes sure that the ball will fly as far as possible. Additionally, the ball is forgiving to common mistakes such as slicing and people with swings below 85 miles an hour. Finally, its ultra-soft low-compression core helps the ball move in the intended direction, even if it is hit slowly or from a slightly off-angle.

Being so soft, the Noodle also boasts of an increase in comfort. The low density of the ball’s core allows for the force of the swing to channel as much as possible through the ball, minimizing the forces that rebound into the player’s hand and arm. It makes the Noodle ideal for sufferers of chronic pain in these areas and older players.

Perhaps the most significant distinction of the Noodle Long & Soft, however, is its cost. The price at just $14.99 per fifteen balls, or $21.99 for twenty-four, the ball costs a fraction as much as comparable models do.

It makes the model even more stress-free to use–if the player loses a ball, it’s easier to move on from the loss than it would be for a more expensive brand.

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