Mizuno JPX 919 Iron Set Review

If you’re looking for one of the best golfs available in the market, but are confused about which one to buy, then we have something for you. The product that we are going to review is Mizuno Golf JPX919 Iron set.

We have thoroughly researched and then reviewed this Iron Set. Check out this complete Mizuno Golf JPX919 Iron Set Review before buying it!

There is nothing comparable to the feels that Mizuno Irons offer. Mizuno comes with a new milled clubface, and it is the fastest measuring ball speed.

It comes balanced with the trademark of Mizuno’s elevated grain flow and workability. It is also one of the most versatile irons available.

Mizuno JPX919 is the best choice that delivers to every level for golfers, from players’ hands to searching distance and amateur feedback on the golf game.

Without delaying anymore, let’s now dive into the features and benefits of the Mizuno Golf JPX919 Iron set.

Mizuno JPX 919 Iron Set Overview

Mizuno Golf JPX919 Iron Set Review


  • Great cavity back design with added perimeter weighting for extra forgiveness
  • Great look with Mizuno’s signature pearl brush finish that also reduces glare
  • Variable thickness sole to increase face flex for additional ball speed
  • Great sound with Mizuno’s Harmonic Impact design to allow one of the most pleasing feedback in a game-improvement iron

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Looks and Aesthetics of Mizuno JPX 919 Iron Set

At first sight, I was amazed by how thick the Mizuno Golf JPX919 Forged is. In addition, the design of the Mizuno JPX919 is dynamic and simple.

The golf makes with an aesthetic approach rooted in dynamism. Moreover, it doesn’t give any advantage to the performance. But it produces such clubs that offer thoughtful design and premium performance.

In terms of look, it is quite aesthetic and straightforward. The irons are clean, and there’s nothing more that is too much or extra.

Sound and Feel of Mizuno JPX 919 Iron Set

The sound of the Iron set is excellent; it gives confidence to the average and below-average golfers. It is the reason why they get motivated and try out even better shots every time.

For a golf improvement iron, the Mizuno Golf JPX919 forged has a considerable amount of feedback. You don’t have to be a master player to differentiate between the mishits and pure strikes. That means the input of the Golf set is about half of the tour of JPX919.

Coming over to the feel of Mizuno Golf Set then it is much better and improved. Yet, nothing feels like Mizuno because Mizuno is the best. The boron that uses in these golf clubs is brilliant for ball speed. But this makes the irons comparatively firm.

Performance of Mizuno JPX 919 Iron Set

I went from the forged to the tour to hot metal when testing the Mizuno JPX 919 Iron set. I looked at almost every tiny detail to check its performance. When I went to the tour, I was amazed by seeing their length, most notably the weaker lofts.

Moreover, the forged irons are stronger by two degrees than the four through eight irons, modern irons. Still, the distance they offer is quite similar.

Broadly, I would rate the performance as slightly longer than usual, but not precisely the best in the distance. However, in terms of my forgiveness, the forged JPX919 separates itself from the other tour model. It gives your great result at just a hit.

And yet again, I am going to rate the forgiveness of Mizuno as elite. The JPX919 is the most flexible iron set of Mizuno. It comes balanced with high Grain flow, high definition feedback, and trademark workability.

Features of Mizuno JPX 919 Iron Set

Black Milled Face

 The Iron set is CNC milled from the sole; the JPX919 forged possess a greater area of a minimum thickness of face. As a result, it helps in increasing ball speeds consistently.

The weight also removes from the face, which allows a more profound, lower center of gravity for more conveniently flighted mid and long irons.

Balanced Performance

The other feature of the iron set is a balanced performance. Yes, it offers a flat and excellent performance. However, it provides an outstanding balance between stability, feedback, and ball speed within a more clarified playing profile.

Tiny Addition of Boron

The iron set is also composed of small amounts of boron to make it even stronger. A tiny trace of boron is just enough to make the steel billet stronger by 30%. Moreover, it allows the possibilities for design in the forged head.

Stability Frame

 To enhance the launch and stability, open it at the heel portion. It also produces a vibration or sound that is tour preferred.

Pearl Brush

The Mizuno Iron set also comes with a pearl brush finish. The golf is chrome plated, and also its plates with a long-lasting pearl finish. It is to make precise lines soft in the sunlight.

Grain Flows Forged Hd (High Density)

The last and significant feature of the Mizuno JPX919 Iron set is Grain Flow. It has a single billet of mild steel carbon 1025E.

Benefits Of Mizuno JPX 919 Iron Set

  • The looks of the Iron set are pretty attractive and aesthetic with silver and grey colors.
  • The Iron location offers stability as well as durability.
  • It provides a significant amount of forgiveness.
  • The Iron set comes with a tracking sensor; it helps in tracking the distance and swing.
  • The CNC black milled face offers incredible ball speeds.

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Final Words

Here comes the end of my review of the Mizuno Golf Iron set. I have reviewed it thoroughly to help you out. Also, I hope you are now clear and sorted about the product and are ready to make a buying decision.

This golf has almost everything that a golfer does. In the market full of sound and challenging to choose iron sets, Mizuno JPX919 Forged Iron set is the perfect and solid option for you. It offers excellent distance and forgiveness. In addition to this, you can track and improve your overall performance by using this tool.

Nevertheless, for all those who wish to have Mizuno in their Golf Bag, they can indeed have JPX919; it’s a good option.

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