10 Best Irons for 10 Handicap: To Your Next Level Golf Game

Whether you are a newbie or a pro, owning the best set-off golf irons is necessary for any serious golfer. 

It is because a golf set is what will ultimately affect your performance.

Even though there is broad iron sets range, some have managed to stand out due to their effectiveness. In this article review guide, we look at the best golf irons for ten handicaps.

But before we take a look at that, do you know how you can calculate a course handicap?

In this guide, we will review the 10 Best Irons for 10 Handicappers:

  • Srixon Z785 Irons
  • Mizuno MP20 Golf Iron
  • Cleveland Launcher HB Iron Set
  • Mazel Single Length Irons Set
  • TaylorMade M4 Iron Set
  • Cobra King F8 One Length Iron Set
  • TaylorMade Golf 2018 P790 Iron
  • Wilson Staff D7 Irons
  • Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue irons set
  • TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron

Our Best Picks For 10 handicap

TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron (Best Review)

  • It is high launching and more forgiving than its standard model.
  • Great for 20 Handicap
  • Best review all over the internet

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Srixon Z785 Irons (Best Value)

  • It offers a good impact
  • It is convenient to hit out 
  • It covers a lot of distance

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Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue Irons Set

  • Great distance performance
  • offers Seniors a combo selection

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What is a good handicap?

There is no such definition of a good handicap of golf, but if you are in one digit, you are right there. The experience you have is plenty.

If you lie somewhere between ten to fifteen range of handicaps, then you are above the average. Such handicaps are pretty good.

All the golfers rest from the fifteen to the end. For them, it’s all about experience and practice. Dedication and effort are needed to be what they are

How to Calculate a Course Handicap

A course handicap represents the number of strokes required to play to the level of the scratch-golfer for a particular course and the set of tees.

Certain aspects come into play when calculating it, including gross scores, adjusted gross scores, and differentials.

Step 1: Change Gross Scores to Adjusted Gross Scores

USGA Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) is used to find the Adjusted Gross Score. To convert the Gross Scores to Adjusted Gross Scores, ESC uses downward to change individual scores.

This way, we will end with improved handicaps that effectively represent the golfer’s playing ability.

It should note that the ESC typically uses the highest possible number of strokes that it can enter for a given hole. The golfer’s Course Handicap uses to determine the maximum number, as you can see from the data below.

  • Course Handicap: 9 or less – Maximum Score: Double Bogey
  • Course Handicap: 10 to 19 – Maximum Score: 7
  • Course Handicap: 20 to 29 – Maximum Score: 8
  • Course Handicap: 30 to 39 – Maximum Score: 9
  • Course Handicap: 40 and above – Maximum Score: 10


If a player has a 17 scores Course Handicap 9 in one of the holes, the 9 will be adjusted downward to 7. 

The handicap range of 17 scores can only attain a maximum of 7 in an adjusted gross score. 

Note: once you have downwardly adjusted the course handicap score to all the 18 holes, then the total sum of these holes is the Adjusted Gross Score.

Step 2: Find the Handicap Differentials for Each Score

To find the handicap differentials for each score, you should use the following formula:

The Handicap Differential: (Adjusted Gross Score – Course Rating)* 113 / Slope Rating

For Instance: If the score is 70, the course rating is 66.2, and the slope is 120 (for 18 a hole), it will be:

(70 – 66.2) x 113/120= 3.58

Note: if you get the handicap differential with decimals, round it off to the nearest tenth. For instance, if it’s 20.49, it will be 20.5, or 15.12 will be just 15.1.

Step 3: Choose the Lowest Handicap Differentials

The lowest handicap differentials are also the best. Understand that a handicap can only calculate after five scores have been recorded based on the USGA system.

  • Available No. Of Handicap Differentials: 5 or 6 Differentials Used: Lowest 1
  • Available No. Of Handicap Differentials: 7 or 8 Differentials used: lowest 2
  • Available No. Of Handicap Differentials: 9 or 10 Differentials Used: Lowest 3
  • Available No. Of Handicap Differentials: 11 or 12 Differentials Used: Lowest 4
  • Available No. Of Handicap Differentials: 14 or 13 Differentials Used: Lowest 5
  • Available No. Of Handicap Differentials: 15 or 16 Differentials Used: Lowest 6
  • Available No. Of Handicap Differentials: 17 Differentials Used: Lowest 7
  • Available No. Of Handicap Differentials: 18 Differentials Used: Lowest 8
  • Available No. Of Handicap Differentials: 19 Differentials Used: Lowest 9
  • Available No. Of Handicap Differentials: 20 Differentials Used: Lowest 10

Step 4: Find the Average of the Lowest/Best Handicap Differentials

How do you find the average of the lowest handicap differentials? If there are more than 20 scores, you should always pick the best/lowest 10.

In case there are 13, select 5, and if they are 9, select 3. Multiply the Average Handicap Differential by 96% i.e.

Handicap Index = Net Handicap Differential Average * 96%

Step 5: Get the Handicap Index by Truncation

At this point, you only need to delete the numbers that come after the tenth value Note: You shouldn’t Round Off!

Note: The USGA has a maximum handicap index for both males and females. It’s 36.4 and 40.4 for an 18-hole course or 18.2 and 20.2 for a 9-hole course, respectively.

Suppose a golfer has 16 scores and the sum of his lowest 6 handicap differentials is 70.5. Then, we can find the average lowest handicap differentials by taking 70.5/5=14.1.

We can then go ahead and find the handicap differential by multiplying 14.1*96%=13.536. At this point, we need to truncate the digits past the tenth value so that the result will be 13.5. It means that the handicap index will be 13.5.

Step 6: Find the Course Handicap

The Course Handicap means the number of strokes that the player gets per course. So:

Course Handicap= Handicap Index * (Slope Rating of the Tee on Course/113).

For instance, if the Course Index is 13.1, then the Course Handicap will be: 13.1* (120/113) =13.91 = 14

Note: you should always round the tenth value to the nearest whole number. Remember that the 113 used in this example is the standard difficulty rating.

The Best Irons for 10 Handicap

After comprehensive research, which involved analyzing multiple brands and checking customer reviews, here is the study of my top 10 picks include:

1.Srixon z785 Irons


  • It offers a soft feel and solid stability
  • It comes with an excellent distance and consistency


  • Quite unforgiving

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Srixon is one of the top-rated brands that produce quality golf equipment. So, it’s not strange that its 785 irons set is among the best irons for 10 handicaps.

Get an incredible feel and experience total control with this tech-oriented Srixon 785 Irons. The golf iron designs with the needs of players in mind and it features:

Laser milling

This design feature helps to produce consistent spins from the rough or fairway. As a player, this feature gives you total control of all your shots in addition to improved stopping powers on the greens.

Forged Construction

Srixon used 1020 carbon steel to craft this forged construction. It should note that this design helps to produce an improved feel through impact plus fewer vibrations.

Tour Cavity

This design feature allows for an extra mass behind the impact location. As a result, you will end up with extremely powerful shot shaping in addition to enhanced versatility.

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2.Mizuno MP20 Golf Iron


  • Provides an exceptional distance control
  • It has a fantastic feel
  • Compact and attractive look


  • It’s quite expensive
  • Quite unforgiving

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Mizuno MP20 is hot, both physically and performance-wise. In addition, the golf iron is a new breed that has a tour-ready profile.

 Its precision, as well as its fantastic feel, make it easily stand out from the crowd. In addition, the golf iron’s design features unique specifications that lead to a high user performance in addition to an attractive appearance.

Muscle-Back DNA

According to Mizuno, this golf iron features a muscle back with adequate sole width located at the address. As a result, it usually leads to increased ball speeds.

Therefore, the golf iron is ideal for those consistent ballplayers. They are keen on better ball speeds and don’t want to compromise their shots.

Improved Stability with Loft-Specific Construction

Mizuno uses a multi-thick grain-flow technology to forge the Chromoly iron, leading to a durable face and neck.

Two tungsten weights come with 2-7 irons that help to enhance stability and promote an effortless launch.

Premium Copper Plating

This golf iron is an attractive and soft copper plating in addition to a protective nickel chrome.

It helps to create seamless feedback plus a legendary feel during sessions.

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3.Cleveland Launcher HB Iron Set


  • The irons have plenty of forgiveness
  • An excellent performance booster
  • Effective for elevating the speed of shots


  • Its graphite shafts are too light and might take a player time to get used to them
  • The iron golf set is quite expensive

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It is a reliable launcher set that comes with plenty of forgiveness. Cleveland Launcher HB Irons makes the latest tech specs that ensure that a player launches high and lands softly.

If you want to hit straighter, higher, and further, the Launcher HB Irons can effectively facilitate this. In addition, each golf iron in the set has design features that enhance overall performance. They include:

Hollow Construction

The irons come with hollow construction that makes them more forgiving. Such a design helps boost stability further, allowing the heel and the toe hits to fly even higher, straighter, and go longer.

Premium HiBore Crown

It is a new tech specification that helps to move the center of gravity lower and more profound. With the weighting in such a position, you can quickly launch the ball higher, and it will effortlessly and softly land on the green.

HT1770 Steel Face

It is a high-strength steel face that enhances the durability of the iron. Besides that, the steel face is ultra-thin for more flexibility, which usually leads to longer distances.

With the thin face, more weight can be added to the perimeter, leading to more forgiveness.

Overall, this is one of the best irons for 10 handicaps. In addition, the set features equipment with new internal and stabilized ribs that help enhance sound and feel.

Besides that, you can customize the lie or loft to fit your preferred swing.

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4.Mazel Single Length Irons Set


  • Effectively yields improved accuracy and performance
  • Effectively delivers improved accuracy and performance.
  • It has a large sweet spot
  • Affordable
  • It leads to better comfort and improved confidence


  • It produces harsh or annoying sounds

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The affordability of this single-length irons set is what makes it stand out. Besides that, it also features enhanced features that help to yield more strokes during consistent shoots.

Even though Mazel Single Length Irons set is one of the cheapest irons in the market, it’s incredibly a top performer. With a total of 9 Graphite pieces, here is what the single length golf club irons set features:

Casting One-piece Technology

A piece of this golf set features a casting craft with a well-polished surface. Besides that, the iron usually comes with precise shaping and an incredibly more robust structure. As a result, it usually leads to a premium feel and superior performance.

Reduced Game Complexity

It is a beginner-friendly set that’s also ideal for veteran players. Mazel single-length irons help to reduce game complexities, ensuring that the players enjoy the game even more. It should note that the single length design has the following benefits:

  • It makes repeatable swings easier
  • Provides a firm and consistent feel during games
  • It enhances the golfer’s ball-striking capabilities

Hollow Design with Wider Soles

4-5 irons in these sets make with the full-hollow design feature. It helps to effectively lower the center of gravity, leading to higher precision during hits.

Besides that, each iron has a wider sole that leads to more forgiveness. As a result, it becomes pretty simple to get more distance from every impact location.

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5.TaylorMade M4 Iron Set


  • It helps to launch the ball with extra speed
  • Effectively increases the distance


  • Not ideal for inconsistent ball strikers who have fast swing speeds
  • Susceptible to physical defects

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M4 iron set provides a decent launch even with lower spins and stronger lofts. It’s one of the best irons for 10 handicaps, thanks to its performance-oriented features.

It’s a premium combo set that allows a severe player to get the most out of the sessions. M4 Combo set uses the latest RIBCOR technology to enhance performance. The collection features a total of 8 clubs. Its design features include:

RIBCOR Technology

It helps to localize the face and thereby enhancing the flexibility of the iron in the hitting area. In addition, it helps to transfer more energy to the ball, leading to improved distance and a higher level of accuracy.

Besides that, RIBCOR technology also helps to stiffen the head’s perimeter. As a result, it usually results in a rigid structure that enhances the sound and feel.

Overall, RIBCOR helps to effectively balance toe flexibility leading to tighter and more precise dispersion.

Optimized Weighting

For a more enhanced moment of inertia, this combo set features optimized toe and heel weighting. But, again, this is a feature that results in plenty of forgiveness.

It should note that this golf iron set also comes with an ultra-thin edge that effectively works with the speed pocket to enhance the speed of low-face shots.

Aftermarket Shafts

This iron club set comes with Fujikura Red Atmos shafts that help deliver high launches and enhance the ball speeds.

Besides that, it can effectively cover more distance with the 360 undercut and fluted hosel that helps increase the consistency and launch space.

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6.Cobra King F8 One Length Iron Set


  • Produces a great sound and feel
  • Effective in yielding a 10-handicap
  • It comes with a Cobra Connect System for a high level of efficiency
  • It has an extraordinary level of distance shots consistency


  • It doesn’t have a fantastic shelf appeal

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It is the first-ever connected one-length set from Cobra, which will undoubtedly change your golfing experience. The game-changer is famous for its performance improve features that would make it possible to attain a 10-handicap.

Designed with the latest technological features, F8 One Length offers a superior feel and sound. Besides that, it effectively delivers long and towering shots with a high level of precision.

According to the manufacturer, this is an ideal golf iron set for 5 to 25 disabled golfers with higher or moderate swing speeds. Naturally, therefore, I want equipment with plenty of forgiving distance.

7-Iron Configuration

The golf iron configures to effectively match the 7-iron length, swing weight, and head weight. As a result, it helps to promote a better consistent feel throughout the game.

Flighted Shaft Technology

This golf iron makes with steel and graphite shafts. As a result, it comes with an adjustable flex profile, which means that golfers can end up with higher launches using the long irons.

It can adjust to short irons for lower launching, but overall, it has a high level of controlled trajectories.

Enhanced Clubhead Design

King F8 One Length features a progressive type of clubhead. It makes with sole premium widths in addition to progressive hosel lengths. As a result, it helps to optimize the feel the player gets.

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7.TaylorMade Golf 2018 P790 Iron


  • Has lots of forgiveness
  • Genuinely improves the distance


  • The price tag will quickly turn you off

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TaylorMade is one of the best equipment brands in the golf industry.

This company’s Golf 2018 P790 offering is designed for maximum distance and a premium feel. In addition, the golf 2018 P790 redesigns with a hollow body.

The golf iron’s classic design features efficiency elements such as:


It is a relatively new feature that consists of ultra-light urethane in the head. Speedfoam engineers to enhance the design limits of the iron-s face speed. Besides that, it simultaneously functions to improve the feel.

Low Tungsten Weighting

The low profile weighting design of the tungsten is a new feature that helps to give you a lower CG. However, as a result, you will end up with a higher launch.

Forged Progression

The next-generation type of forged progression features a new and thinner forged face. This feature is in addition to the progressive ICT design that helps to improve the player’s accuracy while enhancing the COR area.

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8.Wilson Staff D7 Irons


  • Leads to faster ball speeds with a high level of forgiveness
  • Effectively delivers an extra distance


  • A lower spin may reduce its stopping power

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Wilson Stand D7 Iron won’t just charm you with its appearance but also its performance.

It’s one of the best golf irons for a 10 handicap. It effectively covers more distance when you need it. Even so, it offers the high level of precision that you require.

D7 make with the latest REAKT Technology feature. So, it simply puts power where the golfer needs it the most.

Ultra-Thin Face

This design feature is essential in creating longer shots and a better feel—Wilson Staff D7 Men’s Irons design with a hot and response face that helps to facilitate this.

Progressive Power Holes

Its long irons come with three power holes rows. Thus, it helps the golfer to attain the maximum distance effectively.

On the other hand, the shorter irons designs with fewer power holes. It helps to maximize precision as well as they feel.

Combining these two distinct features means that the ball will move with improved speeds and cover more distance.

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9.Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue irons set


  • Effectively covers a great distance
  • It’s made of lightweight steel iron to enhance its efficiency


  • The sound of the iron set still needs improvement

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This golf men’s rogue set by Callaway is all you need for a 10-handicap. Its design and appearance give you the general outcome of how distance in golfing should feel.

Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue Iron Set makes with the latest tech offerings. As a result, it effectively maximizes the distance and helps to dampen vibrations.

Tungsten Weighting

Control and optimal flight are the two things that most golfers try to attain. To effectively do so, this golf iron set comes with a premium tungsten weighting.

It allows you to effectively position the CG in every long iron with a high level of precision. As a result, you will end up with a maximized launch in addition to better control per loft.

360 Face Cup and VFT

This golf set’s rogue irons feature a blend of 360 Face Cup and Variable Face Thickness Technology (VFT) for improved efficiency.

This premium combination helps increase the iron’s face area, leading to faster ball speeds.

Urethane Microspheres

Sound and feel are essential if you want to attain that 10-handicap. For helping you do this, this Callaway golf iron set makes with Urethane Microspheres. So, it helps to dampen sound vibrations, leading to a better feel and sound generation.

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10.TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron


  • Has a higher level of accuracy
  • Provides more hitting distance
  • Highly flexible


  • Quite expensive

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Closing our list of the best irons for 10 handicaps is this masterpiece from TaylorMade.

M6 iron effectively delivers a top-notch performance. It takes the bridge farther and faster to a whole new level and in a straighter way.

M6 iron offer an exposed distance and a maximum level of forgiveness. So, if you want to get a 10-handicap, then this is one of the golf irons.

Efficient Speed Bridge

The golf iron has a new structure featuring a speed bridge. This design feature comes with an engineered speed pocket that designs to help create more ball speed. Besides that, the iron head’s perimeter is quite stiff.

It is a feature that any golfer would love as it helps generate more ball speeds and reduce energy loss on impact.

Improved Sound and Feel

With its speed bridge, this golf iron efficiently supports the topline. As a result, it minimizes the low-frequency vibrations leading to a more satisfying sound produce at impact.

This golf iron design with an HYBRAR compression damper that uniformly filters all those unwanted face vibrations should note.

Maximized Playability and Forgiveness

To effectively lower the CG and enhance the launch angle and the ball speed, M6 Iron designs with a Fluted Hosel and a 360 undercut. So, even on low-face impacts, your golf ball will still end with an impeccable flight.

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How to Choose the Best Irons for 10 Handicappers

Are you looking for the best irons for 10 handicappers?

Well, there are lots of brands that make such irons. However, it means that the selection process can be pretty challenging.

However, certain specifications can help you choose a golf iron set that suits your needs, and they include:

Number of Irons in the Set

A good iron set should have at least 7 clubs. It means that you should aim for sets with 8 or even 9 irons. Additionally, some of the brands usually pack the pitching wedge as well. In some instances, you might find a set with a gap wedge.

Generally, hybrid iron sets are among the best. They usually come with hybrid clubs instead of hard-to-hit long irons. It makes them more practical to launch, and they come with more forgiveness.

The Measurements

It should include the length, loft, and distance. Generally, there are usually three sets of irons. The short irons typically include 8 and 9. Mid irons include 5, 6, and 7, while long irons include 2, 3, and 4. All of them have different functionalities.

Note that there is a correlation between the loft and irons. For instance, if you want to produce a higher loft, you should consider using short irons.

The converse is also true in that if you want to hit the ball further, but with a shorter loft, long irons are the most ideal.

Mid Irons have combinational functionalities of the other two irons. So, if you want the best mix of distance and trajectory, then you should consider them.


When setting the irons for club sets, ensure you separate each of your clubs by a 5-degree of the loft. 

You should start from the three iron moving up till you reach the pitching wedge.

So, there should be around a 12 -14-yard difference between every club. It is essential for improved control and stability.

The Type of Shaft

Generally, the type of shaft affects the club’s feel, swing speed, and distance. So, if you want a shaft that gives you better clubhead control, you should go for iron with a steel shaft. It’s much heavier; hence it will provide you with the ultimate power that you need.

On the other hand, if speed is one of the factors that you want, then a shaft with graphite material would be the most appropriate.

It is because graphite is a lightweight material; hence it helps to produce a faster swing.

The Type of Flex

Flex generally affects your playing style in addition to the distance.

In golf, there are main categories of shaft flex, including Regular, Senior, Ladies, Stiff, and X-Stiff. The appropriate type of shaft flex usually depended on your skills, driver speed, and range of motion. For instance:

If you are used a 3 Iron/Wood from less than 150 yards with a speed of 60 mph, your flex will be ladies. If you are using a 4 Iron and the distance is 180-210 yards with a speed range of 60-75 mph, your flex will be Senior.

Muscle-Back or Cavity-Back Iron Blades?

Well, these are the two main types of iron styles. If you are a pro, then muscle-back would be the most ideal. However, they are not beginner-friendly since they design with shot-shaping functionalities, and they help enhance performance.

On the other hand, cavity-back blades, also known as hollow blades, are beginner-friendly and suitable for novices. So it is because such knives usually come with plenty of forgiveness when it comes to off-center hits.


The golf equipment sector is rapidly evolving, with technology playing a crucial role in designing golf iron sets. 

At the moment, hybrid clubs are increasingly becoming very popular. 

They are highly versatile and help to cater to the needs of average golfers or beginners effectively. 

They usually have sweet spots and more extensive profiles. It makes them ideal in enhancing forgiveness and delivering straighter shots.

Final Words

The above-reviewed golf irons are the best for any player that wants to achieve a 10 handicap.

They come with premium features that enhance overall performance, especially if a player wants to consistently shoot 10 or more strokes than the difficulty rating of their courses.

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