Best 10 Golf Stores in San Antonio, TX

High-quality golf equipment makes all the difference in terms of performance and durability. However, with so many golf stores in the area and each selling various products, it may be hard to determine what golf equipment is best.

If you’re a golfer in the San Antonio area, there’s no need to stress.

We’re here to show you the top 10 golf stores in the area so that you can get the best in golf clubs, golf balls, accessories, and more!

What Are the Top 10 Golf Stores in San Antonio, TX?

Below, we’ll break down our list of the top 10 golf stores in San Antonio and go over their address, phone number, and store hours, as well as their selection of golf equipment and what makes them great.

MK Golf Technologies

MK Golf Technologies

Address: 10412 Gulfdale St, San Antonio, TX 78216

Phone Number:(210) 781-4036

Open Hours:

  • Monday 9AM–5:30PM
  • Tuesday 9AM–5:30PM
  • Wednesday 9AM–5:30PM
  • Thursday 9AM–5:30 PM
  • Friday 9AM–5:00 PM
  • Saturday 9AM-3PM
  • Sunday Closed

First on our list is MK Golf Technologies. Here, they pride themselves on using the latest technology and their knowledge of club performance to provide top-quality golf clubs.

MK Golf Technologies uses advanced club and swing analysis to build custom golf clubs that perfectly fit each customer’s swing.

This top-quality golf store also works on club repairs. It can fix any issue, from length adjustment to re-shafting and regripping.

 Visit Their Website Here 

Edwin Watts Golf

Edwin Watts Golf

Address: 1050 NE Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78209

Phone Number: (210) 822-4060

Open Hours:

  • Monday 10AM–7PM
  • Tuesday 10AM–7PM
  • Wednesday 10AM–7PM
  • Thursday 10AM–7PM
  • Friday 10AM–7PM
  • Saturday 9AM–6PM
  • Sunday 12PM–5:PM

Next on our list is Edwin Watts Golf. Since 1968, these golf shops have provided high-quality golf equipment to golfers in multiple locations around the US. –– including right here in San Antonio.

Edwin Watts Golf offers a selection of golf equipment – like clubs, drivers, and golf balls – as well as other items, such as apparel, shoes, accessories, and more. They also carry all major brands, including:

  • Titleist
  • TaylorMade
  • Callaway
  • Nike

 Their exclusive 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and Custom Club Fitting show the level at which they value their customers and how much they trust their product quality. This competitive edge puts Edwin Watts golf at number two on our list.

 Visit Their Website Here 

Golf Galaxy 4.0

Golf Galaxy of Birmingham

Address: 1211 N Loop 1604 W, San Antonio, TX 78258

Phone Number:(210) 764-1015

Open Hours:

  • Monday 10AM–8PM
  • Tuesday 10AM–8PM
  • Wednesday 10AM–8PM
  • Thursday 10AM–8PM
  • Friday 10AM–8PM
  • Saturday 9AM–7PM
  • Sunday 10AM–5PM

Having almost anything golf-related you can think of, Golf Galaxy is known for its vast selection of products. So whether you are looking for a new golf club set or need new golf shoes, you’ll find it at Golf Galaxy.

Here’s a small glimpse into what products they offer:

  • Drivers, hybrids, wedges, and other golf clubs
  • Push and pull carts, travel bags, and cart bags
  • Training equipment, including nets, mats, analyzers, and trackers, and swing trainers
  • Men’s, women’s, and children’s golf apparel
  • Women’s clubs, gloves, complete sets, and more

 Visit Their Website Here 

Club Champion

Naples Golf Club Fitting

Address: 340 E Basse Rd #109, San Antonio, TX 78209

Phone Number: (210) 635-0020

Open Hours:

  • Monday 10AM–6PM
  • Tuesday 10AM–6PM
  • Wednesday 10AM–6PM
  • Thursday 10AM–6PM
  • Friday 9AM–5PM
  • Saturday 9AM–5PM
  • Sunday Closed

Like MK Golf Technologies, Club Champion is another example of a golf store that puts a significant focus on custom-fit clubs that deliver exceptional results.

They offer clubs from over 50 well-known brands, and each club is handcrafted and fits every customer’s individual needs.

The result when your club is custom fit by Club Champion?

Golf Digest and other golf sources featured on their website show more distance, better accuracy, fewer putts, and more confidence.

 Visit Their Website Here 

TPC San Antonio Pro Shop

TPC San Antonio Pro Shop

Address: 23808 Resort Parkway, San Antonio, TX 78261

Phone Number:  (210) 491-5800

Open Hours:

  • Monday 7AM–6PM
  • Tuesday 7AM–6PM
  • Wednesday 7AM–6PM
  • Thursday 7AM–6PM
  • Friday 7AM–6PM
  • Saturday 7AM–6PM
  • Sunday 7AM–6PM

TPC San Antonio Pro Shop comes in at fifth on our list – and we aren’t the only ones who have praise for this store.

The TPC Pro Shop chain has ranked among the Top 100 Golf Shops in North America time and time again by various golf sources.

What earns them this time? One big draw is the golf shop’s selection of customized equipment, apparel, and accessories.

Their stock of the latest golf fashion and equipment from the most popular brands leaves customers with a wide array of high-quality options for their next golf outing.

 Visit Their Website Here 

Dick’s Sporting Goods

DICK’S Sporting Goods

Address: 18103 Rim Dr, San Antonio, TX 78257

Phone Number: (210) 558-3444

Open Hours:

  • Monday 9AM–9PM
  • Tuesday 9AM–9PM
  • Wednesday 9AM–9PM
  • Thursday 9AM–9PM
  • Friday 9AM–9PM
  • Saturday 9AM–9PM
  • Sunday 10AM–7PM

Dick’s Sporting Goods is a popular retailer that offers various products for different sports, including baseball, basketball, and – of course – golf! Here you can shop from a variety of popular golf brands and find products like:

  • Clubs
  • Balls
  • Apparel
  • Golf shoes
  • Bags and carts
  • Training aids
  • Golfing technology

 Visit Their Website Here 

Academy Sports + Outdoors

Academy Sports + Outdoors

Address: 2643 Northwest Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78230

Phone Number:(210) 321-4600

Open Hours:

  • Monday 9AM–9PM
  • Tuesday 9AM–9PM
  • Wednesday 9AM–9PM
  • Thursday 9AM–9PM
  • Friday 9AM–9PM
  • Saturday 9AM–9PM
  • Sunday 9AM–9PM

Academy Sports + Outdoors comes next on our list due to its extensive inventory of top golfing equipment, gear, accessories, and apparel.

Whether you are looking for a hat to wear on the golf course or need a new iron set, you’re sure to find it here.

Academy Sports + Outdoors has a prominent women’s golf selection as well. Their women’s products range from golf gloves and shoes to individual drivers and complete sets.

 Visit Their Website Here 

Polo Field Golf Center

Polo Field Golf Center

Address: 915 E Mulberry Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212

Phone Number:(210) 736-2040

Open Hours:

  • Monday 8AM–Dark
  • Tuesday 8AM–Dark
  • Wednesday 8AM–Dark
  • Thursday 8AM–Dark
  • Friday 8AM–Dark
  • Saturday 8AM–Dark
  • Sunday 8AM–Dark

Open Hours (Fitting & Repairs):

  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday 10AM–5PM
  • Wednesday 10AM–5PM
  • Thursday 10AM–5PM
  • Friday 10AM–5PM
  • Saturday 10AM–5PM
  • Sunday Closed

The Polo Field Golf Center is not only a place for professional golf lessons; they also sell the latest in golf equipment, merchandise, and apparel. Clubs you buy from the store can also be custom-fitted to your unique needs.

Need a repair on current equipment while shopping?

The Polo Field Golf Center offers club repair and other related services, such as refitting, re-shafting, loft, and lie adjustment, launch monitor, and more.

 Visit Their Website Here 

Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops

Address: 17907 I-10, San Antonio, TX 78257, United States

Phone Number:(210) 253-8800

Open Hours:

  • Monday 9AM–8PM
  • Tuesday 9AM–8PM
  • Wednesday 9AM–8PM
  • Thursday 9AM–8PM
  • Friday 9AM–8PM
  • Saturday 9AM–8PM
  • Sunday 10AM–7PM

When most people think of Bass Pro Shops, they usually think of fishing and outdoor equipment. However, Bass Pro Shops offers other types of sporting goods, including golf equipment and accessories. At Bass Pro, you’ll be able to find:

  • Sports golf nets
  • Golf carts
  • Apparel and accessories for the golf course, including Oakley sunglasses

 Visit Their Website Here 

Mission Golf Cars

Mission Golf Cars

Address: 18865 Redland Road, San Antonio, TX 78259

Phone Number: (210) 545-7868

Open Hours:

  • Monday 8AM–5:30PM
  • Tuesday 8AM–5:30PM
  • Wednesday 8AM–5:30PM
  • Thursday 8AM–5:30PM
  • Friday 8AM–5:30PM
  • Saturday 9PM – 1PM
  • Sunday Closed

While Mission Golf Cars do not sell the typical golf clubs and balls, they sell another essential part of the golfing experience: golf cars. Mission Golf Cars have everything you’re looking for, from the E-Z Go and Club Car to the Cushman and Garcia golf cars.

Furthermore, Mission Golf Cars offer rentals and leasing options for those who do not wish to purchase their cart.

 Visit Their Website Here 


So, Who is The Best Golf Shop in San Antonio?

The answer to this question is: there isn’t just one store that takes first place! 

Instead, these golf stores service different needs for you, depend on what you need or looking for something best. 

Therefore, you can’t go wrong with any of the stores on our list.

All offer high-quality equipment that will make your golfing experience more enjoyable and help you reach your personal golfing goals.