Mizuno MP20 Golf Iron Review

Mizuno is a famous Japanese company considered one of the finest brands for golf clubs, especially the craftsmanship and design.

Mizuno has recently introduced three iron models in the MP20 range and replaced the old MP18. In addition, they have added more focus on the feel by adding a copper layer to the iron head.

Although the changes are not a lot, the new MP20 Mizuno golf iron has managed to be a big hit on the golf internet. Mizuno MP20 Golf Iron comes with a thin copper layer that enhances the feel of the elite players who are dying to have this new iron in their collection.

Mizuno golf irons are famous for their looks and precision that recognizes as the true leader in this industry. And both professionals and amateurs agree that something is unique about their forgings.

The brand pays only a few golf players for using their product, but somehow, you will see pro players having Mizuno in their bags. It is because Mizuno’s latest line of irons keeps following the tradition of superiority and excellence.

Mizuno MP20 Iron Overview

Mizuno MP20 Golf Iron Review


  • Copper underlay material, improving softness feel during impact
  • Perfect distance carry even during slight mishits
  • More accessible and decent launch with the tungsten sole weight
  • Flow Tapered Blade technology in the long irons, allowing easier launch
  • Great-looking blade design with great sound and feel
  • Thicker sole, but you can’t see it at address, further adding to the great look
  • Forged club with grain flow generating technology to provide more consistency and feel

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All about Mizuno MP20 Iron

Mizuno MP20 irons influence by the old designs of Mizuno blades, which date back to 1988, the most iconic TN87 iron. These proper blades do not offer significant changes because a change could negatively affect the feel or looks of the edges.

However, there are a few tweaks that MP20 has to offer in the new model.

Benefits of Mizuno MP20 Iron


The MP20 iron head has a fresh chrome finish that shines in bright light, just like silverware. It gives an additional premium look to the club.

The iron look is just like a butter knife since the topline is thin which has always been on the muscle back. The club is super slim but not as light as the razor. The toe shape is squared up and beautiful without being too angular or boxy.

The Mizuno bag looks great, with a classic chrome finish and superb branding with good taste. The logo includes a running bird placed on the iron’s toe. Another tiny branding of MP20 place on the heel. The iron has no Mizuno written anywhere on the club because it’s a shame if you do not know by its feel.

Sound and Feel 

Mizuno MP20 golf irons have always felt great, considering they have marketed these clubs for years and have been mainly about the feel.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the irons feel smooth like butter. However, the ball did not feel intensely fast. Nevertheless, the new copper MP20 certainly lives up to the expectations and hype.

The centered shots are incredibly satisfying and soft, just the right sort of feeling that makes you love playing golf. The MP20 iron does not sting, and the feedback is precise.

The sound is almost mute. It is soft, yet it has a crispness that sounds like music to a golfer’s ears. It is both smooth and solid at the same time.


Coming to the consistency, the dispersion observed in indoor testing was close to perfection. The shots with an 8-iron produced 8139 rpm backspin with a 117-yard carry on average.

It was similar to the 9-iron. From this, it is clear that the brand is not manufacturing these irons for distance. But it is worth it if you are not willing to give up yardage with the irons.

On the course 

Playing on Sale Golf Club’s wet grass compared to playing on a mat made all the difference in the strike’s consistency. The good strikes were short while the poor hardly reached the green; forget about the flag post.

It is the main reason why such clubs manufacture for the best players or the professionals since it is almost negligible or no margin for making an error.

The club’s head is pretty solid if you are rough, and from the fairway, they were easy to shape. With this club, there is very little chance of losing accuracy. The dispersion may be a little tight initially, but you will soon get used to it.


Talking about the performance of Mizuno MP20, the changes made in enhancing its performance is subtle. The blade has a typical Flow Tapered shape implying a lower center of gravity in the long irons for golfers to launch quickly.

Short irons have a higher center of gravity, making the golfers control the irons easily and easier to fly down.

MP20 irons have a relatively high spin which can be an advantage for an elite striker since it is easier to make shots. However, for those high spin golfers, it can be disadvantageous to distance.

There is an obvious downside of this iron – the forgiveness is slightly lacking. The highs are pretty high when playing a blade, but the lows are extremely low in saturated or drowning balls.

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Final Words

All in all, Mizuno has successfully done a great job assembling this lineup of the Mizuno MP20 Golf Iron. It is ideal for influential players who want to experience the sound and feel of the iron.

Though these irons are suitable for professional golfers, they can also be used by those who want precision over distance and do not lack power.

Mizuno has inspired the nostalgic TN87 to make this the MP20 series with classic irons made of copper, giving it a shiny and elegant look.

Even though the muscle backs are tricky to modify and improve, there is still a significant change with these new irons: the thin copper layer. It was present in the old Mizuno irons but not on the latest MP models.

The irons are pretty expensive, and they should be. However, with the materials and design it comes with, Mizuno promises to keep you in the golf shaft with no extra charges.

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