Confused What Is The 19th Hole in Golf? You’re at the right place

What Is The 19th Hole In Golf?

what is 19th hole in golf

So, the 19th hole is the golf is not a hole. Instead, it is a slang term used to denote a restaurant, clubhouse, pub, or bar close to the golf course. Most of the time, it uses for the club itself.

Ideally, a standard golf course has only 18 holes. However, the term “watering hole” uses for denoting a bar. Thus, continuing the 18 holes at the watering hole signifies a bar as the 19th hole.

I’m talking about the miniature golf course; a 19th hole is a hole in which if you score a hole-in-one, you’ll reward with a free game.

Here are the most famous 19th holes of golf. Check them out!

Most Popular 19th Holes of Golf

Streamsong Resort At Streamsong, Fla. The hardest decision to take at Streamsong is choosing between the Red, Black, and Blue courses. However, if you don’t have much time to settle a match, there is the 19th hole just behind the Red /Blue course. You’ll find it on the way to 1st tee box close to the Blue ground.

It suggested by Rich Mack, who’s is an executive of Streamsong. He wanted to have an extra hole to allow the night gamers to play and have quality time on dinners and drinks. It is an entire clubhouse with staying facilities for the guests.

Knollwood Country Club At Elmsford, N.Y.

Knollwood country club is one of the most famous golf grounds situated in Elmsford, New York. It introduced the 19th hole in 1928, which is 34 years after the opening of the club. Seth Raynor and Charles Banks added it.

The story behind this hole’s addition is that a member Bobby Jones expressed his discomfort while walking from the 18th hole to the clubhouse. He then suggested adding the 19th hole in between. It was named “The Bye” and is 123-yard.

Forest Creek Country Club At Pinehurst, N.C.

Forest Creek is another popular golf club that is also famous for its best locker rooms. It added the 19th hole named “the hog hole” in 1997 before it was fantastic. However, all the members enjoy this hole, making it a great venue to chill during the long day. And a tee box for about 165-yard ground place near the 18th green.

Silver Creek Valley Country Club At San Jose, Calif.

 The 19th hole is situated par 4 to the 18th green of the Silver Creek Valley Country Club. It was added in 2002 by Mike Strantz. He said a tee box near the waterfall gives the members a choice to play it as par 4 or par 3. The view from this 19th hole is quite stunning. It overlooks the clubhouse and the Silicon Valley mountains in the background. It is a popular wedding venue.

I hope you got your answer and have understood what exactly the 19th golf hole refers to it.