How Long Does It Take To Golf 9 Holes?

How long does it take to golf 9 holes is a significant one to golfers. Whether you’re an experienced golfer or not, the pace of play carries a great deal of significance.

How Long Does It Take To Golf 9 Holes?

The short answer is that it takes an average of 2 hours 15 minutes to 3 hours for golfing 9 holes. The long answer is that factors affect the length of time you can play 9 holes.

It’s these points of variation that golfers should put into consideration when enjoying their game of golf. Here are the factors that determine the amount of time that you would take to golf 9 holes.

4 Factors Affecting Golfing Time


1. Skill Level of Players

If you’ll be able to play 9 holes in 2 hours or less, the pace of your play has to be a quick one. However, this doesn’t come as easy as you might think because it depends on the skill level of the players you’re playing with it.

Of course, if the players are skilled, it can take less than 2 hours to make 9 holes. For example, two experienced players can take 1 hour 15 minutes to golf 9 holes.

On the other hand, if the players are less skilled, they will take more time to complete the specified number of holes. If the group of poor players happens to be on a busy golf course, they can take up to 3 hours to golf nine holes.

Therefore, to play nine holes in 2 hours 15 minutes or less, you have to be skilled and play with other experienced players.

2. The Condition of the Course

The condition of a golf course has a lot of impact on golf nine holes in an average of 2 hours. There are golf courses that will be difficult while others will be easy to play at it.

If you’re playing in a course that requires more shots, you’ll take more time. Moreover, if a system has a longer distance to cover, it will take more time to play nine holes.

You will take longer to play in such a situation if it’s your first time playing on that particular golf course. In the same vein, this also brings the point of the players ahead of you. If they are slow, this will affect the time you take to finish your play.

Nevertheless, if the golf course is easy to play at and you’re familiar with it, you’ll take lesser time to play 9 holes.

3. Space between Holes

It is another vital factor that affects the ability to golf nine holes within 2 hours. Fundamentally, suppose the space between holes is significant. In that case, it will take longer to finish 9-holes in the time mentioned above the frame.

On the contrary, if the space between holes is small, it will take lesser time to golf 9-holes. However, this depends on other factors like the skill of players and the difficulty of the course.

If the players aren’t fast enough, they will still take longer to complete the 9-hole golf round. It is still the same for the level of difficulty that a course has.

Even if the space between holes is small and the golf course is challenging, it will not be easy to finish the 9-holes in 120 minutes. Therefore, it is a factor you have to consider when choosing a golf course.

4. The Number of People on the Golf Course

The number of people on a golf course significantly affects the pace of play that ensues. If the number of people is many, this will slow down players’ pace and extend the time.

It can worsen this situation if the players do not experience it. Moreover, managing the flow of play in such a situation is not easy since you have to wait for the inexperienced players to play as you wait for your turn.

It can take the total time up to more than 3 hours. Conversely, fewer people on a golf course make the play go faster and, as a result, it’s possible to do a 9-hole golf round within 2 hours or less.

It means that for you to take 2 hours 15 minutes or less to golf 9 holes, it is best to play in a less busy golf course with experienced players.

How to Fasten the Time of Play

Indeed, if you’re going to answer the question, “how long does it take to golf 9 holes?” you should be able to explore the ways through which you can use to increase the pace of play. There are several ways through which this can be made possible, including:

1. Playing with a Cart

If you’re using a cart in your play, this will make golf easier for you. Instead of walking, you should use a golf cart. Riding a cart reduces the waiting times between shots and, as a result, it makes it possible to do a 9-hole golf round within 2 hours.

Players who walk take a lot of time to make 9 holes, especially if they don’t have the energy to sustain the pace.

2. Consider Doing Ready Golf

Ready golf seeks to eliminate the traditional style of play where players play according to a specific order—usually, this formula base on the player at the farthest from a golf hole.

Instead of using the conventional style of play, you can opt for playing whenever you’re ready. This tactic can save up to 30 minutes.


So, how long does it take to golf 9 holes?

Undoubtedly, the average amount of time it takes to complete a 9-hole golf round is 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours 15 minutes. It is so if the best conditions of play are in place.

But, if there are limiting factors, the time frame can go higher up to 3 hours. With this in mind, it’s evident that multiple aspects affect the time it would take to golf 9 holes.