10 Exercises Golfer Do Will Boost Your Game Performance

When golf players intend to improve their game, they usually reach out for new equipment, more golf lessons, or extended play.

Although these can be why our ball game is not as successful, our performative skills depend more on our physical preparation. It’s the critical factor that golfers neglect very often.

Expecting to perform a consistent swing or reach distance is nearly impossible if your body has limited functions and lacks golf exercises.

Besides new golf drivers, a lot of practice, and advanced golf classes.

There is something more crucial for improving the game, and that is our physical ability.

Physical ability

These may seem absurd, but the fact is that golf is a physically demanding discipline.

For example, to lower your handicap, it’s essential to boost your swing speed, and without the right golf workouts, your body will not be able to do it.

Yes, your technique plays a leading role when it comes to game improvement. Still, without proper physical preparation, it will achieve no positive results.

When I say technique, I refer to the performative golf skills you have or don’t have. And the other part that it mustn’t neglect is your physique, which means your body’s overall health and shape. If you lack these, golf exercises can help you boost your game and achieve tremendous results.

It happens that two players with the same skills show different scores due to their physical strength and preparedness.

Whether you are practicing golf swing drills for beginners or playing as a professional, it is essential to warm up and work on your flexibility. These golf exercises will certainly help you with that.

Also, if you implement golf workouts in your daily routine, you will improve your game and gain better health.

I want to share why it is essential to warm up before a game and the best golf exercises to practice to maintain a good shape and boost your performance.

Why Is Warming Up Important

Although golf may seem slow, it involves short and explosive movements requiring a lot of strength and flexibility.

Anyways, for many people warming up before a game seems like nonsense, and usually, those are the ones who end up injured. But, just like any other sport, before indoor golf practice or outdoor training or game, you need to warm up your body and prepare for the golf chipping drills.

Preventing back, arm, neck, and shoulder injuries are more than necessary. One way to achieve it is with golf exercises.

Even if you are against warming up before a game and you think nothing can happen to you, the fact that 5-minute golf workout can improve your distance for 45 yards will probably change your mind.

exercise warm up

How Can Golf Workout Boost Your Game Performance?

No doubt working out your muscle flexibility improves significantly, leading to more mobility and accessible swings.

When your back and arms stretch and your legs are flexible, there is no need to worry about your performance.

How Long and Often Should You Exercise?

If you are a competitive golfer, you should start exercising three to four times a week for at least 30 minutes. The maximum time of exercising should be one hour.

For example, you can start exercising on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, rest on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and hit the golf course on the weekends.

What Body Areas To Focus On?

As I said before, working out will help you prevent injuries and improve your swing. First, however, you need to learn about some common problems connected to swing for developing a better swing.

Deformation of Posture

Most golfers alter their normal body posture when performing a swing due to low muscle flexibility and lack of strength. These issues cause players to change their stance, which to some may seem natural. Still, it comes from reduced physical preparedness.

Flat Shoulders 

The shoulders during golf are more exposed to horizontal movement than the spine. It means that you will probably suffer from a flat shoulder plane if you don’t have strong back and shoulder muscles. The muscle groups between the back and the shoulders can also be the culprit for this issue.

Early Extensions

Almost 65% of golfers suffer from this issue. It means that the hip and the spine extend too soon during the swing. The main reason for this is underdeveloped muscle groups.

Premature Release

An incredible 55% of golf players have early release wrist grip at the moment of impact.

There is no need to worry about this issue, as it can fix it with regular arm exercises.

Throwing the Club Too Wide

It is a common mistake that many golfers make without a purpose, and it may only be a sign of a bad habit. However, out of the top motions that exceed the desired swing trajectory may also be a result of different physical issues that include:

  • Weak core and lack of stability
  • An interrupted balance between upper and lower body power
  • Deficient flexibility in spine and hip
  • Poor leg strength that can’t support the swing
  • Insufficient abdominal strength,
  • Lack of strength in wrists and arms
  • Bad body posture

So, whenever practicing golf chipping drills, have in mind that you need to exercise your arms, wrists, hip, back, legs, and abdominal muscles. Then, if you want to avoid this mistake, go for it.

Is It Necessary to Be in A Perfect Shape to Do Golf Exercises?

Not. The point of your working out routine is that to lead you to a perfect shape. So, no matter what your athletic level is, you can practice these exercises. These will help you boost your physical strength, your health, and of course, your game performance.

Before starting with your regime, I suggest you first test your physical preparedness and see the muscle groups that need the most work.

Although, as a golfer, you would need to go through the entire practice, there is always a possibility that one muscle group is weaker than the other.

Of course, you should extend your exercise session with time as much as your body needs it.

Outdoor or Indoor Golf Practice?

It depends on you. You can decide whether you prefer to exercise in or out. The point of this is to exercise, and where you are going to do it is your choice.

Any Equipment? 

The exercising routine that I will suggest to you requires some easy-to-get equipment like a medicine ball, a physioball, and a dumbbell. You can perform all the exercises at your home (if you have enough space, of course), or maybe visit a park and practice there.

Another helpful idea here would be to join a gym and do this routine with a trainer. Still, if you are not in the mood for that, you can exercise on your own in some isolated place.

If you’re not achieving any improvement after a week, please don’t panic.

Your body needs time to adjust to the new regime, and it might take a while until you reach your optimum strength. Another important thing while working out is to be consistent and never give up. 

Yes, I know that sometimes it’s hard to make yourself get out of bed, but if boosting your game matters to you, you will exercise three times a week and never miss a day from your schedule.

Even if you are not competing, even if you are beginning to like golf, it is essential to prepare your body before hitting the course.

Why Is Cooling Down Important After Playing Golf? 

As in any other sport, you also need to give your body time to cool down after playing golf. The reason for this is apparent; you need to relax your muscles, stretch, and bring your heartbeat and blood pressure to normal.

Some of you may think that golf has no stressful impact on the body, but I’m going to tell you that is not true because of the explosive motions you perform during the game. Your body needs to come back to normal and get the proper rest.

Suppose you start implementing this important routine into your life. In that case, you will recover sooner than expected and be ready to play in no time.

Besides the drivers, your body is also a part of your playing equipment, so you need to treat it with respect and take care of it just like you take care of your clubs.

The more attention and effort you invest in your physical strength, the better your results on the golf course. 

And believe me, I’m only saying this to you because I have experienced the mesmerizing change of performance before and after implementing this exercising routine into my weekly schedule. So even if you are a beginner, you must think like a winner and follow the most significant steps.

Now that you know why working out is essential, it’s time to dive into these great exercises that will change your golfing experience forever. And not only that, you will look better, fitter, and healthier than ever.

1.Seated Rotations

For all of you who struggle with mobility when the swing time comes, this is one of the best exercises to do. You don’t need any equipment, and you will be surprised by the results.

Why It’s Important To Do It? 

To boost your rotational flexibility, which is essential for the golf swing.

How To Do It?

Sit on a bench and squeeze a towel or a pad between your legs. Get a club and hold it with the crook of your elbows behind your back so your palms remain free. Then, place your palms on your stomach, and make sure that you maintain a straight position. Hold your hips still and make sure they don’t move while you rotate your torso to the right and hold it for two seconds. Go back to your primary position, and repeat the same thing to the left. Hold for two seconds and release. In the beginning, you can only repeat these left-right sessions ten times every time you work out. This exercise helps improve the flexibility of your back and preventing you from injuries during explosive movements.

2.Standing Y

Your shoulders play a vital role in the game, and especially at the time of the swing. If you want to boost your performance, then you need to make sure that your shoulders are flexible and the muscles around them tight.

Why It’s Important To Do It? 

To improve the mobility of your shoulders and prepare them for high-speed swing.

How to Do It?

Bent at the waist and make sure that your back is flat and your chest is looking upwards (the exact position of a deadlift). Next, get a golf club and hold it with your faced-up palms. Next, your shoulder blades need to pull back and down. Next, raise your arms above your head in a Y form while holding the club with palms facing up. Hold for two seconds, and return to the first position. Repeat this exercise ten times, and feel how your shoulder muscles get stronger.

3.Hand walk

This exercise might seem like a kids’ game to some of you. Still, in reality, it shows incredible results in preventing shoulder injury and golfers elbow, expected in players with weak arm muscles.

Why It’s Important to Do It? 

To prevent golfers elbow.

How to Do It?

From a standing position, start bending forward until your hands touch the ground, keeping your legs straight as much as you can. When you feel the earth with all four, begin walking along with your hands until you get into a pushup pose. From there, keep your knees straight and move your feet towards your hands. When your toes and fingers meet and feel stretched, start all over and walk your hands forward. Ten repetitions will be enough to help your entire body stretch, and especially your arms, back, and legs. During this exercise, you will feel how all your muscle groups get involved.

4.Shoulder Stretch

Why It’s Important to Do It?

Open shoulders are essential for every golfer, from the earliest stages of practice to the professional level.

How To Do It?

Find a flat surface outdoors, or use the floor in your living room and lie on the side. Keep your bottom leg straight while your upper leg is bend, touching the ground with the inside part of the knee. Twist your upper body in a straight position, and try to touch the floor with both your shoulder blades. While doing this, don’t lift your bent knee. Hold for two seconds, and repeat the same exercise on the other side. Do ten repetitions on each side.

This exercise might seem complicated and painful initially, but don’t give up in the name of golf!

5.Lateral Pillar Bridge

Why It’s Important to Do It?

This exercise will help you open your hips and prevent injuries while playing golf. Also, you will be able to perform better swing and launch at any time after practicing the lateral pillar bridge.

How to Do It?

Lie on the ground with your body on the side and your elbow under the shoulder. Keep your legs straight and lift your hip off the floor while you support yourself with the elbow.

Make sure that your hip doesn’t bend or your head hangs down. Keep one line from tip to toe and hold in that position for three seconds.

After that, put your hip down to the ground and change side. Repeat this exercise ten times, both sides. Lateral pillar bridge exercise will help you open your hips but also straighten your entire body.

6.Parallel Throw

Why It’s Important to Do It?

For this exercise, you will need a medicine ball that will help you boost your swing speed and store and release energy at the right time.

How To Do It? 

Face a solid wall at three feet distance. Hold a medicine ball in line with your waist. Twist your upper body off the wall, and then in only one movement, rotate back fast towards the wall by throwing the ball. Once the ball bounces back, try to catch it with one hand behind it and the other under it while your arms are slightly bent. Repeat this exercise ten times, and then do the same on the other side (by twisting the body on the opposite side).

Note: Make sure that it’s not a glass wall.

7.Perpendicular Throw

Why It’s Important to Do It?

If you want to improve your core strength and mobility, this exercise will do a great job.

How To Do It? 

The perpendicular throw is similar to the parallel throw, with a difference that your starting position should be 90 degrees away from the wall.

From there, twist for another 180 degrees and then throw the ball. Catch it on the rebound, and repeat this ten times, each side.

This exercise will significantly boost the balance of your muscles and your core strength.

8.Pushups On a Physio Ball

Why It’s Important to Do It?

Physio Ball Pushups will help you strengthen your back and shoulder muscles which you depend on when playing golf and performing a swing.

How To Do It?

The starting point of this exercise is a pushup position. Still, instead of placing your hands on the ground, you should place them on the physioball. From there, start lower yourself down until your chest almost touches the ball. Then, push your body back up while balancing your arms on the ball. Finally, make ten physioball pushups.

9.Dumbbell – One Arm

For this exercise, you will need a bench and a dumbbell. First, select the weight that you think you can handle.

Why It’s Important to Do It?

To improve the stability of your shoulders and build up more straight.

How To Do It?

Lie down on the bench with your right shoulder and right glute on relying on the court and your left shoulder and left glute off of it. Then, hold a dumbbell in your left hand above your head, and use your right hand to hold on to the bench. Start lowering the dumbbell very slowly until your elbow reaches the same horizontal line as your shoulder. Then go back to the beginning position. Repeat this exercise ten times with both arms.

10.Glute Bridges

Why It’s Important to Do It?

This one might seem like an outsider among the other exercise. Still, the glute bridge is perfect for activating those muscles that get suppressed all day at work.

How To Do It?

Lie down on the floor, bend your knees 90 degrees, and make sure that your feet are parallel and stable on the floor. Next, roll a towel and place it between your knees. Then, lift your hips and stay in that position for three seconds while only your head, shoulders, and feet touch the ground. Go back down, and repeat ten times.

Final Thought

These golf exercises are playing one of the leading roles in the story called golf. If you want to boost the performance of your game, then you need to dedicate the necessary time to prepare your body for the swing.

Instead of suffering injuries and spending months resting without being able to play, you can spend three hours a week practicing these exercises. These improve your golf game level in a short time.

I hope that my tips were helpful and valuable for you. I wish you a consistent, durable, and enjoyable golf workout!