Golden Golf Club Length Charts For Beginner

Finding the perfect golf club length can be pretty tricky. But, for some, eyeing it is good enough, as they’ll adjust to it eventually.

However, for those who genuinely want the best experience when it comes to your clubs, you’ll want to use a chart.

Today, we’ll provide an in-depth chart that will give you all of the necessary information you’ll need to find the best fit for you.

Also, we’ll be taking a look at the benefits that go along with getting clubs to fit you as well.

Golden Golf Length VS Body Height Chart

The Chart itself shows you how to determine what fit is best for you based on the height and measurement of the shaft.

Athlete Height Between 4’10” to 5’4″

Wrist To Floor LengthAthlete Height
4’ 10” – 5’ 0”5’ 0” – 5’ 2”5’ 2” – 5’ 4”5’ 4” – 5’ 7”5’ 7” – 6’ 0”6’ 0” – 6’ 2”6’ 2” -6’ 4”6’ 4” – 6’ 7”6’ 7” – 6’ 9”
To Floor Length4’ 10” – 5’ 0”5’ 0” – 5’ 2”5’ 2” – 5’ 4”5’ 4” – 5’ 7”5’ 7” – 6’ 0”6’ 0” – 6’ 2”6’ 2” -6’ 4”6’ 4” – 6’ 7”6’ 7” – 6’ 9”

The Chart itself is pretty easy to follow, as you’ll be able to locate the exact length that will fit your height with ease. Also, you can find this quick video which will further explain it:

Shaft Length

Determining shaft lengths is not typically rocket science. Taller players will usually require longer shafts, and shorter players will use the latter.

Having the correct length for your play style and body type will enhance your game and give you ultimate comfort during play.

A few rules apply well to different types of clubs and how to determine their length.

Driver- Length can be dependent on the ability to make contact

Metal woods- Pure technique and ability

Putters- Based on stature and positioning

Standard Shaft Lengths

Graphite Driver- 45″

Steel Driver- 44″

3 Wood- 43″

5 Wood- 42″

7 Wood- 41″

3 Iron- 39″

4 Iron- 38.5″

5 Iron- 38″

6 Iron- 37.5″

7 Iron- 37″

8 Iron- 36.5″

9 Iron- 36″

PW- 35.75″

SW- 35.5″

Shaft Flex

Shaft flex is an essential aspect of your shaft as well. It’s how much pressure is allowed on poles to bend, creating your power and torque throughout hits.

If properly fitted, you’ll see increases in both your distance and accuracy. Next, you’ll determine which shaft flex is perfect for you, depending on your hit distance. It generally includes your drive and clubs that use from 150 yards (most likely irons).

Based on those results, it’ll recommend the type of flex that is best suited for you. For example, the levels of shaft flex are:

  • Ladies Flex
  • Soft Regular Flex
  • Mid Flex
  • Stiff Flex
  • Extra-Stiff Flex
  • Senior Flex

Check out this great video below on everything and everything you’ll need to know about shaft flex:

Why is Golf Club Length Important?

If you ask yourself why golf club length is as essential as it made out to be, then reading will undoubtedly answer all your questions. For starters, the size of your golf club will affect every aspect of how you play. Check out the list below for what all golf club length will affect:

  • Distance
  • Power
  • Technique
  • Spin
  • Height
  • Rhythm
  • Control

Just about any area of play will change dependent on the length of your golf clubs. Its size can add and take off how much torque you can generate from your swings for distance.

Power is changed due to again how much you can generate from your swings. Improper club fitting may result in a lack of energy in your hits, directly affecting your game.

The technique is targeted here as well due to length shaping how you follow through your swing. The method is one of the most critical aspects of golf. Getting fitted for your clubs will improve this area of your game tremendously.

Spin and height come from your power and technique, which we covered already are affected by club length.

Finally, we get into rhythm and control. These two go hand in hand, as clubs serve as the core elements to a perfect swing. If your base mechanics are not in sync, you are bound to perform poorly.

It is safe to say; club length is a serious component of anyone’s game. If it is not up to speed on what it should be, it could negatively impact your performance.

Where to Find Custom Clubs?

Custom clubs can be purchased both in-store and online through many golf retailers. However, suppose you genuinely want the most out of the clubs. In that case, I’d recommend that you go in person, as you’ll have more personal help and can feel out the different sizes physically.

Also, there is no specific brand that will offer you the “best” custom club, either. Clubs are all dependent on your level of play and what you are willing to pay. Of course, some clubs outshine others, but no one club currently on the market is on top in terms of being custom.

Suppose you are searching for a top club. In that case, though, these will usually be from Callaway, TaylorMade, and more and will be balanced throughout the club, having all of the latest tech available. Usually, golf stores will do a great job explaining what a more cutting edge over other clubs is and can help you build a great set based on your budget.

Ideal Lengths

You should note as well that each type of club will have its ideal length. You’ll find that each club may vary in size to give you the best customization possible. Understanding the standard measurements will help you when evaluating yourself for custom lengths.

Standard sizes are good to go off on, especially if you aren’t comfortable with the extent to give to you in the Chart. From here, you can use standard sizing as a base to see where you want to go.

As mentioned above, you can use the list to find out what size works for you. Keep in mind that ideal lengths and standard lengths are different when looking into shafts.

Grip Size

Once you have established your perfect set of clubs, you’ll want to make sure that you get the right grip size for yourself as well. These are much easier to measure than clubs, as they have specific sizes to them, listed below:

Cadet extra-large- Oversize

Extra-large- Oversize

Cadet large- Midsize

Large- Mid Size

Cadet medium-large- Standard

Medium-large- Standard

Cadet medium- Standard

Medium- Standard

Cadet Small- Lady Standard

Small- Lady Standard

Make sure not to overlook grip sizing, as it is pretty essential to your swing. If not fitted properly, it could ruin any customization you have done to the sizing of your clubs, so make sure they are correct.


After you’ve found your perfect length, weight, grip, and flex, you’ll be on your way to having your best performances on the course. Remember, each one of these parts is crucial to creating your ultimate customized club set.

Suppose you ignore or lack in personalizing in one of these areas. In that case, it may be costly and hurt your game rather than improving it.