Cleveland Launcher HB Iron Set Review

Cleveland HB Set creates for golf beginners who require more forgiveness than usual. If you find yourself in this group of people, then you have no reason to worry because this set of irons is made just for you.

This iron set considers the easiest to handle, providing a long trajectory and improved game. If you have a low swing speed, that is another reason why this set is perfect for your needs.

And that is not all; the complete hollow construction adds even more ease when it comes to hitting these irons, which every golf newbie needs initially.

Key Features of Cleveland Launcher HB Iron

Cleveland Launcher HB Iron Set Review
  • Hollow Construction
  • HiBore Crown
  • Progressive technology shaping
  • A thin face with high strength

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How Cleveland Launcher HB Iron Perform

Everyone who needs to experience a new side of forgiveness is welcome to try this set of irons that show no weakness at any point. It is always on the side of the player. However, if you seek a complete set that will allow you to improve your performance in any way, then you are in the right place.

These irons require little effort to strike, thanks to the hollow clubhead design. In addition, as a result of the deep gravity center, these irons perform advanced distance, forgiveness, and launching.

The steel face of the clubs is offering incredible durability and tremendous strength. Therefore, this set considers as one of the number ones.

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  • Flash Face technology designs to bring in more ball speed
  • Complete iron set with everything you need
  • Graphite and steel options
  • High launching
  • Straight trajectory irons


  • More expensive than other iron sets

The Forgiveness

Cleveland HB is a set of irons with extraordinary forgiveness thanks to the advanced HB Technology, providing more precise shots and straight trajectory.

These irons have a wide sole with deep weighting that allows the player to adapt faster to the irons.

The slow-swing golfers that struggle with their technique will notice fast progress in the game with the help of these irons.


There is nothing that can’t improve with Cleveland HB, so if your goal as a player is to work on the distance shots, you are in the right place.

Again, thanks to Cleveland, these irons provide players with more extensive control over distance and longer trajectory.

They are easy to hit and suitable even for those who never had golf experience in their lives.

The large sweet spot will give you more confidence in the swing and improve your shot through your monthly practice. 


It’s a high-quality iron set suitable for golf beginners seeking game improvement and requiring advanced technology design.

It is one of the finest on the market, it has a durable nature, and it can satisfy the needs of any golf player. In addition, the iron set is an improved version of all the previous collections.

Suppose you’re planning on venturing yourself into this game. In that case, you should consider purchasing one of the best beginner sets and enjoy your impeccable match. Golf is more than a sport or recreation.

Golf is a state of mind, and if you understand this, you deserve the best beginner’s iron-set.

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