Callaway Epic Flash Driver Review: Longest Shot Ever

Callaway is one of the top golf equipment manufacturers on the market.

If you are looking for some of the best golf drivers out there, this might very well be the option.

The Callaway Epic Flash Driver is very creative, professional. It comes with some extraordinary features for a product of this caliber.

The Callaway Epic Flash Driver Design

Callaway Epic Flash Driver Review: Longest Shot Ever

The Callaway Epic Flash Driver has the now very popular headcover to grip aesthetics.

The Golf Pride MCC Align offers excellent grip, and the crown has some stripes with green and gold. As for this driver’s shape, you have a combination of the Epic and the MOI rogue.

It’s not stretched and triangular or compact and round. Instead, it’s a combination of the two. Also, the carbon to black transition makes it appear smaller, despite being extremely helpful and reliable.

Best Driver Features

The unit has a great Flash Face design that Callaway created using the power of AI and supercomputers.

It designs to boost your golf distance while also making sure that you retain the best grip.

Upon hitting the ball with the Callaway Epic Flash Driver, you will hear a crack that’s right in the middle of the sound spectrum. 

The volume pitch is median. Simply put, this is the longest driver 2020 that also sounds good, explosive, and fast without generating a ton of noise.

It does provide great audio feedback, which is extremely helpful for a product of this caliber.

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  • Flash Face technology designs to bring in more ball speed
  • AI-based architecture
  • Jailbreak technology
  • Light triaxial carbon crown that saves weight


  • Some customers say that the face of the driver is not super durable
  • Performance varies


Callaway Epic Flash Driver’s clubface is very powerful and also highly durable. Then you also have the light carbon fiber in the crown and jailbreak.

These are offering better weighting, and the payoff is very impressive due to that. What we noticed in regards to this unit is that it maintains stable spin rates. So you have long carry distances and more consistency.

They also brought back the adjustable perimeter weighting, which is very helpful. It is a 16-gram slider that you can shift towards draw if you want for a better golf distance.

Adjustability is improved even more thanks to the hosel and its opt-fit adapter.

You are allowed to reduce the loft or increase it by 1-2 degrees if you want. They added multiple premium shafts too, which are very handy.


Should you get the Callaway Epic Flash Driver?

That all comes down to you and what you expect from the longest driver

The Callaway Epic Flash Driver offers great golfing distance; it creates with AI and supercomputers. It’s highly accurate and also remarkably customizable.

If you want the best value for money from a good driver, this one is the best out there.

It might come with a hefty price tag, but it’s well worth the effort, especially if you are very passionate about golf.

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